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Rick and Morty


Not a conventional anime, but its an animated show that a lot of people like. Want to start a thread about it!

Give me your favorite episode, anything goes from Season 1 to the most current one.

Aug 07, 17 at 9:49pm

just finished first episode definitely something i can get into

Aug 07, 17 at 10:27pm

Season 3 is pretty awesome so far! My favorite episode is probably Meeseeks and Destroy just because of Mr. Meeseeks although that has one of the darkest moments I've seen in the show (well one of them which is hard to watch for me)

Aug 07, 17 at 11:19pm

The meeseeks i forgot about them haha, is it their existential crisis that is hard to watch for you?

I also heard one of the creators say that they were going to try and get them back in another episode at some point, fingers crossed!

Aug 07, 17 at 11:22pm

Omg Mr. Poopy butthole is my favorite! That episode was funny, such a memorable character! Hope he comes back to season 3.

Aug 07, 17 at 11:41pm

yeah they havent mentioned him yet, i wonder if he is still recovering in the hospital from beths gunshot wound lol

Aug 07, 17 at 11:43pm

Nah it's the Mr Jelly Bean part of the episode that's hard to watch lol I think the existential crisis is pretty funny with them. I heard that too which makes me happy if they do get brought back.

Aug 08, 17 at 4:58pm

Oh yeah the king jelly bean part is really fucking dark, it was probably the most uncomfortable scene in the whole show for me, that and when morty breaks his legs because he forgot to turn on the gravity shoes and there's like 30 seconds of him writhing in pain

Aug 08, 17 at 5:10pm

Exactly, it's so dark, and it's always funny to me that it's in the same episode as mr meeseeks that are just ridiculous and funny. I think that was the most uncomfortable scene in the show for me definitely, and oh yeah that was pretty bad too, I actually forgot about that part with Morty breaking his legs

Aug 08, 17 at 6:59pm

I love the schezuan sauce episode and the meeseeks. I felt so bad for jerrys poor mr. meeseeks D;

Aug 08, 17 at 7:34pm
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