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Otakon 2017



Three day con, with lots to do and new faces to see. If you want to plan a trip or just want to meet new people, Id suggest getting a ticket for this. Inexpensive too so youre not spending much. A few friends of mine plan to go and we have some space in our hotel room. Message me if youd be interested in staying with us and save money on hotel cost. Hope to see a few from here go.

Jul 08, 17 at 6:25am

I'm going! I bought my ticket 2 weeks ago
And I'm finishing some last minute costume shopping/ordering.

Jul 15, 17 at 10:38pm
Dragoon24611 commented on Otakon 2017

Hey guys! I made a page as well for otakon 2017! I'd love to join or start a group with you's just tell me what I need to do next or what ever. I believe I have 3 people going?

Jul 26, 17 at 12:18pm
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