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Ps4 anyone


Wanted to see if people wanted to play some games like mwr, killing floor 2, one piece burning blood, borderlands handsome jack collection, tekken 7, xenoverse 2, or j-stars vs

Jul 06, 17 at 10:58pm
udon_95 commented on Ps4 anyone

Don't have anyone of those games. But curious. In Borderlands, what character do you main? (I played it for the 360 and XBone)

Jul 10, 17 at 9:45pm
cypher commented on Ps4 anyone

I use the pyscho

Jul 23, 17 at 7:41am
Sour Peach commented on Ps4 anyone
Sour Peach

i play killing floor 2, but suck total ass at it lol

Jul 23, 17 at 8:41am
[K0P] Jesus commented on Ps4 anyone
[K0P] Jesus

killing floor 2 is awesome (got it for pc tho)

Jul 23, 17 at 8:47am
Erutix commented on Ps4 anyone

I have a ps4 I got OW Gta5 SkullGirls and ds3 and bloodborne OH! Ive also got Kf2

Jul 23, 17 at 4:28pm
cypher commented on Ps4 anyone

It's cool killing floor is still badass to play and I need to get gta its a good game

Jul 23, 17 at 5:42pm
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