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Skype/discord groups: beware of bullies.

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People know/blame/hate me for my drama, but have they ever wondered why i'm doing this? Yeah they don't.

I'm a person that seeks help and advice. I am very open to advice and help. And there are actually plenty of people that can confirm that. (yes there are, thank you)
However, as it happens, i often get bullied by others. They say i don't want to be helped, whilst i'm only giving feedback over my situation (this is a fact, not an opinion) and ask them to take my side of things seriously, to listen to it, etc. Now a lot of people do that, and then we get nice grown upconversations.

However i've been in one skype group by MO members and one discord group related to one MO member and some others are on it too i've seen.
I got nothing but disrespect. Got blamed for drame. (the skype group collapsed after i left, coincidence?) but it's the second one that really got on my nerves.

I just want to warn you, if you want to join groups that claim they offer you help: stay away from it. They are just bullies trying to make a fool of you. Yes you can ask the names of the people in private.

And to the mods, i'm sorry if this is not the right place to post. I felt i really had to do it. I am really tired of getting the blame by everyone. Tired of hearing i always play the victim. I never do that, if i complain it's because i have damn good reasons.

I also want to clear my name, because it seems everybody got to believe i'm that drama person that only thinks about herself. Again, a lot of people in here know this is not even remotely true. But i do not like my name being spreak like that.

I only contribute to this forum constructively and open-mindedly. Please stop bashing me.

So mods, if this isn't okay, i understand, but i hope you understand getting bullied is a serious issue. Even if it's not inside of MO, it is still related to it.

anyway, i'd rather have people to stop criticising me for things i don't do, and instead criticise me for things i do do.
People tend to try to provoke my drama a lot lately. Well i have to ask you, why are you doing that? How is provoking someone till they break not bullying?

May 29, 17 at 5:35pm

Thanks for the heads up Yandere! I hope you're doing better now that you left that group. Just letting you know I think you're funny and cool so don't let whatever they say get to you ^_^

If you want to vent you know where to find me. No judgments will be cast and I'm a good listener :)

May 29, 17 at 6:10pm

May 29, 17 at 7:55pm
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