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Black Supremacist Wants White People to Pay Reparations

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For those of you who've not seen this crack head black supremacist who thinks white people should pay reparations, well here you go:

Black people do not deserve reparations for slavery or passed racism, especially a millenial like Gazi, because EVERYONE that was a slave in the US has been dead for decades, and those who lived through segregation and other systemic racist policies are now in their 60s, 70s and 80s.

In addition, the majority of people who would end up paying those reparations were not the people who were instrumental in creating these policies and laws. It's their children, and their children's children, that will be paying.

Not only that, but not all white people owned slaves or participated in racism because many of us were also poor, impoverished or subject to discrimination because of our ethnic backgrounds.

My father's grandfather's family was Irish, Scottish and Iberian and Italian. All of these are ethnicities that were persecuted and discriminated against during the 19th and 20th century. My mother's family is Iberian and Welsh. Again, suffered intense discrimination.

The rest of my family which is Anglo-Saxon were not slave owners, they were poor white laborers who lost everything in their migration to the US. There even was a black ancestor on my grandmother's side (dismissed as Cherokee, as many white people do) so we obviously were of very low class since were would have not been rich enough to have a risk of lowering our social standing.

But I'm just an example. Bottom line, why should people my age, and my father's age, who was a child during the 1960s, pay for mostly younger black people to get reparations for things that befell their ancestors. You wouldn't imprison the children of a rapist because of what their parent did. We do not inherit the guilt and the crimes of our parents, just as black people have not inherited their slave or segregated status.

Do I support slavery or racist institutions? Of course not, but I do not like that it is socially acceptable for black people to call white people crackers or other racist terms, but the second a white person says nigger or negro, our entire race has to answer for the actions of that one person. That it's okay for black people to discriminate against white people but not the other way around.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating for white people to do any of those things, but to hold such a double standard is disgusting.

The fact that Gazi can say those things is thanks to the free speech laws we have in place. If he said those things in the 1960s, he'd be reported missing within hours. Let's be real, he's a spoiled entitled brat who thinks white people should pay him.

May 18, 17 at 8:52pm

Yeah, of course spike, i am angry at you because 100 years ago people didn't accept trans people, duhuh. Of course that is totally your fault. (just saying i agree with you)

May 18, 17 at 8:57pm

Sarcasm is a wonderful thing. Especially in chinese. They have all sorts of wonderful expressions you don't get in English.

May 18, 17 at 9:00pm

I take this all with a grain of salt. Besides, it's not like it'll ever happen. Not to mention, I'm first generation American, so there's that. Do I think things still need to change for true equality? Absolutely, but I'm not paying for something that me nor even my ancestors played a part in.

May 18, 17 at 9:59pm

>Do I think things still need to change for true equality?

I think the P/C culture is causing people to push back by being coerced into dropping prejudice. The only cure for prejudice is, really, time. Old people will die off and it won't be as prominent as time goes on, but blacks need to drop the bullshit regarding things like reparations.

Equality of opportunity is possible. Equality of outcome is an extension of Communist thought and will never work since class-less societies just don't work. Marx didn't know how to deal with people he didn't like, so he settled on the old fallback of violence.

May 18, 17 at 10:14pm

That's why modern day communism evolved into accepting unequality in status as a natural thing and instead strive for being a counterweight to right wing ideas. (well thats in our country at least)

May 18, 17 at 10:25pm

Modern-day Communism is still something I refuse to support m you're not going to balance anything out by being of the opposite extreme.

I'm centre-right and mostly vote Republican and third party because the Democrats got their heads up their asses and at least the Republicans don't try to confiscate my property

May 19, 17 at 11:00am

Nooooo... I wasn't talking about equality of class, that's just asinine. I was talking more along the lines of fair treatment and opportunities(Well, opportunities are tgere. He'll, tgere are more for those of color in education than there are for me.). For instance, I have a friend who was pulled over four times in West Virginia and I know anytime I've been through tgere the cops could care less about me (I'm white, he's black.). It's stupid little things like that I'm talking about. But, you're absolutely right, really it's more about those with old school thought dieing off.

May 19, 17 at 11:29am

Modern day communism is far from extreme, actually. It's more close to the centre, however, due to politics going to right wing globally, people still tend to call it extreme. It is actually more or less what most americans prefer to call 'liberalism'. But it's the opposite of european liberalism (which capitalism/libertinism) and conservativism, so it searches for balance, rather than revolution.

That's neomarxism in a nutshell: no extremes, all reasonability, using acedemic thought over populism. That's also why it gets no votes, it's not exactly sexy and common people don't understand a word of it.

May 19, 17 at 12:07pm

>For instance, I have a friend who was pulled over four times in West Virginia

Being that I've been targeted by black cops too, I can agree that this is a problem. Ever had a black cop in your face yelling at you for going 12 over (slightly faster than everyone else) and claiming how you could have killed someone... it was 67 in a 55. I took the ticket, the cop didn't show up at court when it was clear I wasn't gonna pay and I got it dismissed.

I am a capitalist libertarian, so I won't ever accept or vote a Marxist candidate, if it is between a fascist and a commie, I'll abstain from voting as there's no choice. Anti-authoritarianism is the only way.

May 19, 17 at 4:35pm
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