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anyone play tem or reccomend any?
i play tera, aura kingdom, dragons nest, runescape, and pwi

Mar 30, 17 at 6:45pm
fancyfree commented on mmorpg?

I used to play mapplestory and world of warcraft.

Mar 30, 17 at 6:47pm

ive always wanted to play wow

Mar 30, 17 at 6:48pm
fancyfree commented on mmorpg?

I don't know how fun it is anymore, but I heard good things about tree of savior unless I'm mistaken.

Mar 30, 17 at 6:50pm

okay ^^

Mar 30, 17 at 6:51pm
Akyju commented on mmorpg?

right now i can say its blade and soul as one of the best mmos, its anime too so thats a huge plus but waiting for peria cronicles, closers online, moonlight blade and soulworker to test them out

Mar 30, 17 at 7:00pm

okay :D cool , il lhtink of trying it out

Mar 30, 17 at 7:06pm

I only play final fantasy 14.

Apr 01, 17 at 4:36am

ive been trying to get ff14

Apr 01, 17 at 7:48am

i play ff 14. with about 3793 hours of playtime.

i also play rift, and defiance, and tom clancy's the division and destiny 2 when that comes out for pc. can't wait to pre order.

i used to play maplestory from when it first came out until they introduced cygnus knights and hero classes.

played a bit of neverwinter online. and i've also played quite a bit of dungeons and dragons online which i think is the better of the two cuz its based on dnd 3.5

Apr 01, 17 at 9:31am
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