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Sword Art Online


Does anyone else feel that Sword Art Online fell apart after the world was destroyed in season 1? I can barely trudge through season 2, but I miss the overall tone of the show in its prime.

Mar 20, 17 at 4:24pm

*gaming world that is...

Mar 20, 17 at 4:24pm

Yea i do. Sword art online is a joke nowdays but regardless i still love the concept. It'd be a dream to have such technology.

Mar 20, 17 at 5:51pm

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Mar 21, 17 at 4:27am

Everyone with a brain does.
SAO is a mess.

Mar 21, 17 at 3:40pm

I enjoyed the abridged version a lot more than the original. Only bad thing is episodes are released months apart

Mar 21, 17 at 6:00pm

ALO arc is shit, Mother's rosario and Ordinal Scale is not so bad.

I highly suggest people to read light novels as they depict the series far better. Specially SAO Progressive.

Mar 22, 17 at 1:08am
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