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Sub or Dub?

Cero commented on Sub or Dub?


Jan 12, 18 at 4:18am
oneman commented on Sub or Dub?

I'm an audiophile with OCD issues, so whatever comes first. I love RWBY, but feel off with subs when I started with dubs. Same goes for Devil May Cry.

I generally care more about what pleases my ears rather than anything else. It is just that more than ever, subs have a better average when it comes to voices.

Jan 12, 18 at 5:25am

SUBBBBBBBBBBBBBB!!!! why would anyone ever dub. It's like liking Coca Cola and drinking Pepsi, it's all kinds of wrong

Jan 12, 18 at 4:16pm

Why I almost read sub or dom.. :/ Fucked up brains..
anyway subbed.. dubbed is fine also, but I like those Japanese voices and the subtitles:P

Jan 14, 18 at 12:16pm

Subbed most times.

Jan 16, 18 at 7:01pm

Both, I'm weird

Jan 16, 18 at 8:18pm
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