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Opinion on Hairy Armpits & Legs

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^ dont make me fight u dude, aint nobody complaining when men look like monkeys >.> ♡

Oct 08, 17 at 2:54pm

Oct 09, 17 at 1:44am

Um, hairy legs and pits on a girl are a no go for me - a complete no go. I just find it incredibly unattractive I'm afraid :/

Oct 10, 17 at 2:43pm

how dare you use freaks and geeks in such a way, space

also, hairy men are best men

Oct 10, 17 at 6:40pm

On a girl? No. How unkempt she is says how well she takes care of herself. Waxing isn't needed, but shaving and trimming go a long way.

Same for guys to a point though. Not manscaping, trimming/shaping your facial hair, getting rid of extra hair, etc just comes off as gross and lazy.

Not doing so, at least to me, just shows they care little about their own health/appearance/cleanliness. Regardless if it's a man or woman.

Oct 12, 17 at 9:02am

I wouldn't care, its their body and they can do what they want with it as long as they're comfortable. The most important part of the relationship is the mental portion imo anyway.

Oct 14, 17 at 3:04am

I don't care. Sometimes, when the depression wave hits me really bad, I don't shave for awhile. I feel like trash when I'm like that, but it just happens. It's life.

Oct 23, 17 at 3:44pm

back in the days, dudes didn't even care if a woman was hairy or not. if she had a vagina and was alive, that's an a+

now personally, me no likey having hair on my body - but if a fellow woman doesn't wanna shave, eyyyyy~
although i don't regularly shave - i hate it (so hopefully one day i can get laser hair removal) lmfao

Oct 23, 17 at 8:29pm

More hair doesn't equal less hygiene. But yeah theres just moments you are like 'i don't care what others think, i just wanna be comfy' Theres also a 'for who do i have to shave, my mom?' feeling often.

And i can recognise unicorn queens reasoning as well.

Oct 23, 17 at 10:29pm

if im honest, if i cared about relationship status atm i would say yeah no hair in those areas.
rn tho, you do you.

Oct 23, 17 at 10:37pm
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