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Ideal partner


Redhead, not too skinny but smallish breasts and short. Sort of a young Amy Pond from Doctor Who (but older than the young version of herself). Although Caitlin Blackwood is getting close now (played the young version). But just a bit older still

Too young yet but getting there

Jan 04, 17 at 10:08pm

without there flaws you would be bored

Jan 04, 17 at 10:11pm

Jan 04, 17 at 10:21pm
Kawa commented on Ideal partner

Mentally: Understanding, caring, smart at there craft, loyalty, independent, strong, and skeptical
Physical: Short, petite, dark hair, and my age or a little younger.
Personality and the way they act: Well would be them selves and not hold back well with me. They would try to grow with me and explore new stuff. I would like to talk seriously and have philosophical conversations and other times just die laughing at the dumbest stuff. Flirty but not with other men or women unless it's super funny and makes me laugh. Last but not least I'd want them to be happy with me and not lie. If there's a problem I want to hear it.

Jan 04, 17 at 10:25pm

I like a girl that's very affectionate and cuddly but won't just agree with anything I say. Is extremely intelligent and doesn't care so much what other people think but is still respectful when needed. Looks cute and innocent but will kick the shit out of you if you fuck with her. Isn't afraid of bugs or dirt. Is down for sex anytime, anyplace. Has a crazy sense of humor and isn't shocked by anything.

Jan 04, 17 at 10:31pm

yeah the shocked by anything is a needed
me and my bf one had an on running joke about dead babys
"Whatcha eatin?"
"Dead babys."

Jan 04, 17 at 10:36pm
saeko commented on Ideal partner

My ideal soulmate is dead

Jan 05, 17 at 2:29am

Wow! That's a heavy downer...

Jan 05, 17 at 2:42am

Uhm, for myself I think I'd like someone that:
- Can have a good conversation with me.
- Is fun to be around (As in cynical because that's fun for myself)
- A bit selfish and ambitious.
- Hard worker.
- Accepts me for who I am, everything even if we disagree.
- Correctly values me. (This is very important).

In looks well, I was told by strangers that I look like a 9/10 so let them be a 9/10 for me too please, I don't want someone too handsome though so maybe I'm willing to accept a 7/10.
- Around my height.
- I'm into skinny toned guys.
- A somewhat fair face.
- I love nice hair. And that's about it.

In talents:
- Please let them know math more than me.
- They don't have to draw nor sing, any of that stuff as long as they cook, thank you (they could know how to play piano but this is optional).

Religion wise:
-Christian or atheist.

Common interests:
- Maybe fields that are relatable (Though me studying architecture doesn't make it hard).
- Anime ofc.
- I'm not sure if to put here similar world visions or whatever.

Anyway, let me be a bit exigent.

Jan 05, 17 at 8:20am

I only said like sixty 70% of that :(

Jan 05, 17 at 8:40am
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