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Now Who's Excited for Sakura-Con this year? ^_^

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As always to every single year, like a favorite pass time of mine when it comes to Sakura-Con. I am getting just excited for my favorite convention to come. Being able to meet new people, and meet fellow otakus globally. ^_^

Feb 28, 17 at 12:45am
Loli-ButtCuddles commented on Now Who's Excited for Sakura-Con this year? ^_^
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Feb 28, 17 at 6:46am

I'm going as Itachi. I'm super excited for it.

Mar 07, 17 at 9:46am

That'd make two Itachis, because it is the only costume I have for the time being. :)

Mar 07, 17 at 2:32pm

If you find an Itachi in the CCG room, the Karaoke room, or the Console Arcade, that's probably me. Hope to see someone there that's also on here. I'll also be trying to act like him too. lol

Mar 09, 17 at 12:19am

Oh, of course as for me if you see anyone with short strawberry blonde hair, and glasses you will know that'd be me. I will be in mostly in character, but beware of the Sharingan. Lol :p

Mar 09, 17 at 1:44am

Strawberry blonde hair? What's that? Your current hair color or cosplay?
I'll be there too, just like every year. Have fun, folks.

Mar 11, 17 at 1:20am

Nice pic by the way Koji; Tales of is my favorite game series and I'm actually going to be cosplaying as Leon Magnus during con.

Mar 11, 17 at 1:23am

Thanks is, and also that is my natural hair color I was born with it. The past few days I have been playing Tales of the Abyss. ^_^. The Tales series is one of my favorites too, since Tales of Symphonia.. :D

Mar 11, 17 at 1:38am

I dunno if I'm going but if I do I'll probably pick up tickets at the door

Mar 15, 17 at 3:39am
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