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Otakon Maryland


Hey you guys, I'm thinking about going to Otakon in Washington D.C.
I haven't been in a few years but I was wondering if anyone was thinking about going or potentially going?
It's from August 11-13 2017 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in MD.
I'm going as Phichit from Y.O.I
Kida from Atlantis
And either Raven from Teen Titans or Fem Haru
From Iwatobi Swim.

Feb 19, 17 at 6:47pm
e_jey commented on Otakon Maryland

I went to Katsucon last week so I am so going to Otakon for sure!
Not sure as to what tho, The struggle is kinda real.

Feb 20, 17 at 12:18pm

I feel you, I was debating for so long what to do.
I may change my mind again, but right now I'm pretty set on what I wanna cosplay.
Plus I have to look at my finances lol.
I heard about Katsucon but I go to college pretty from MD and my home state
So there was no way in hell I could have went.

Feb 20, 17 at 3:44pm
e_jey commented on Otakon Maryland

At lease you have a idea im just scattered brained and cant decide. I feel you when it comes to money i never thought a would buy anime figures but now i want to collect all the ones from my favorite shows but the prices have me like O.o

Feb 21, 17 at 12:46am
battles3dge commented on Otakon Maryland

I might make an appearance XD Never gone as anything other than myself tho!

Mar 28, 17 at 1:06pm

OMG people near me, im gonna try to attend the con, trying to got go to my first one alone. But we can meet up then if possible

Apr 06, 17 at 12:39am
Sour Peach commented on Otakon Maryland
Sour Peach

i'm hoping to attend with a friend if all my plans go well :D

as for cosplay, i dunno if i wanna do
shinoa - owari no seraph
mako - kill la kill
yui - k on
d.va - overwatch

Apr 06, 17 at 11:49am

Well hopefully we all can meet up there, if possible!

Apr 06, 17 at 11:11pm

@Sailor well as for my pick id do kill la kill mako xD

Apr 06, 17 at 11:11pm

I haven't been to Otakon since I was 15 or so, I would love to go but I don't think I can afford it given that I already have 2 Cons and a NFL Game I am going to.

Apr 06, 17 at 11:56pm
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