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Things that anger you

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Not knowing da wae

I am so sorry

Jan 13, 18 at 10:43am

Thieving Kids Who Takes Food WITH out Paying WITH THE Smug Look Of YOU Cannot Catch ME.

Jan 13, 18 at 12:50pm

It takes me way too long to get ready in the mornings

Jan 15, 18 at 2:37am

Omg commuting 20 hours a week. That makes me $&%€£¥₩@#

Jan 15, 18 at 3:39am

The fact I can't post gifs on here from my phone :'(

Jan 15, 18 at 3:45am

The fact it's Monday

Jan 15, 18 at 3:46am

Impossible unfortunate events made reality.

Jan 15, 18 at 9:54pm

If your housemate frying food and don't(!) close the laundry room - it angers me alot if my clothers are smelling like a takeaway =_=#

Jan 16, 18 at 1:48am

My own self ineptitude.

Jan 16, 18 at 2:52pm

Being told that something just started happening on our servers when I walk in the door, and the team who uses them tells me its been happening all day. WTH day shift??!?!!

Jan 16, 18 at 3:55pm
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