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Things that anger you

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People that don't like you because you don't have any friends and you had a bad life.

Sep 01, 17 at 4:43pm


Sep 01, 17 at 4:45pm
[K0P] Jesus commented on Things that anger you
[K0P] Jesus


Sep 01, 17 at 4:46pm

pussyclart bitch niggas

Sep 01, 17 at 4:49pm

people insulting my memes

Sep 01, 17 at 4:52pm

Women who falsely accuse men of rape just to screw them over.

Sep 01, 17 at 5:09pm

People that act annoying and think it's cute then act more annoying when you tell them they're being annoying. You know, the "can't turn it off" types.

Sep 01, 17 at 5:21pm

Two fucking faced people and fakes and liars ~
Oh desperate mother fuckers who can't get the fucking hint when you don't want them to hit on you but they continue to do so ~

Sep 01, 17 at 5:28pm

people who wallow in self pity instead of actually doing something about their problems

Sep 01, 17 at 5:29pm

People who think they've got it all figured out just because something "works" for them and go around giving advice without attempting to listen or understand.

People who think minimizing the experiences of others and talking down to them is some form of "tough love" to help. Most people wouldn't want to give you the satisfaction even if you were right which you might not be. So basically people who want to be understood but refuse to try and understand

Stubbing my toe

People who always seem to want to start a fight or an argument

Sep 01, 17 at 5:39pm
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