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When does it say in my fucking info, please press the fucking " friend invite " without fucking talking to me first ~
I swear if i see another friend invite without talking to me i will be brutal to you as much as i can ~

Aug 30, 17 at 6:11pm
Ed~ Chill dude~ We all make mistakes bro
йෆıя Why don't you just eat a fucking dick and I hope you choke as well ~
Ed~ If I did there wouldn't be anything left for you, would it? that would make you sad ofc
йෆıя I would laugh and dance on your fucking grave ~ I wouldnt be sad, ill be fucking delighted that theres one less people who needs to be gone ~
Ed~ I meant, if I did as in "Eat a fucking dick" which implies that you need it more than me
йෆıя Not really ~ I already live with people who have dicks so I'm fine ~ Plus people like you need to eat a fucking dick not only to savor it but to gag and hopefully you'll die ~
Ed~ sadly I think I would have a gag reflex if I got one shoved in xD oh, people like me? you mean annoying fellas? dude, that's spot on bro!
йෆıя Like I give a damn on wat you fucking have ~ Not just annoying ~ Fucking stupid, ignorant, immature brats ~
Ed~ ignorant and immature just because I disagree with your opinions?man what a quick guy to reach for the gun~
Wasistdas [FALLEN] Thanks to the huge amount of ~ this conversation can be took seriously.
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