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A-kon 28


And once again, its that time of year! convention season for the DFW!

Anyone going to a-kon this year?
(yeah the move to Fort Worth might cause some folks to not be able to go, but i just wanted to see if anyone was gonna go)

I know i'm going!
though the hotel price is gonna violate my wallet this year. ;w;

Jan 10, 17 at 11:57pm

It's gonna be a pain to go from the hotels around the area to the con. Let alone to find a good party during the nights. My usual groups are debating even going, but if I can book a room or find a chill group I'll think bout going.

Jan 15, 17 at 9:43pm

At midnight the omni hotel is releasing 120 rooms to the public after akon announces who won the free rooms. so get ready!

Jan 15, 17 at 9:55pm
Feather commented on A-kon 28

Omni already seems unavailable o-O

Jan 20, 17 at 12:58am

Yeah, as SOON as they opened them up, they were gone.
the Sheraton MIIGHT have some spots left. but
also you have to make sure that you are doing any reservations through the a-kon site.

At this point, I say ask around on the a-kon facebook page or convention roomie pages and see if anyone is looking for people who need folks to share a room with.

Jan 20, 17 at 9:57am
Feather commented on A-kon 28

Well I'm collaborating with my usual circles first but I'll post here later . Seems a few places a short walk away.

Jan 21, 17 at 3:55am
kimochid3sun3 commented on A-kon 28

im going to be attending c:

May 07, 17 at 7:53pm

Awesome possum!
Just about 2 weeks left till A-kon.


May 23, 17 at 5:10am

I'm going also!
Lol why are there two different A-Kon threads?

May 23, 17 at 1:17pm

I don't know. I made this way back in January. Didn't know there was another one.

When I made this one, it was when there wasn't another one. :p

May 26, 17 at 2:09pm
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