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A-kon 28

FukboiFrasia commented on A-kon 28
A-kon 28

And once again, its that time of year! convention season for the DFW!

Anyone going to a-kon this year?
(yeah the move to Fort Worth might cause some folks to not be able to go, but i just wanted to see if anyone was gonna go)

I know i'm going!
though the hotel price is gonna violate my wallet this year. ;w;

Jan 10, 17 at 11:57pm

It's gonna be a pain to go from the hotels around the area to the con. Let alone to find a good party during the nights. My usual groups are debating even going, but if I can book a room or find a chill group I'll think bout going.

Yesterday at 9:43pm

At midnight the omni hotel is releasing 120 rooms to the public after akon announces who won the free rooms. so get ready!

Yesterday at 9:55pm
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