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Harem animes?


Does anyone know of any good harem animes because i am start to run out ;-;

Jan 07, 17 at 9:39pm
UnigearFTW commented on Harem animes?

I recently watched one called Yamada-kun and the seven witches and enjoyed it

Jan 08, 17 at 12:34am
Lamby commented on Harem animes?

yamada and the seven witches you say.....?

Jan 08, 17 at 12:36am

@unigear i watched that one a while ago and i loved it :3

Jan 08, 17 at 12:36am

Is it sad i had to go through 2 pages to find one i havent seen...?

Jan 08, 17 at 12:40am

You've seen all of those on the first page?? I could look through my list on my phone and see, but I think you've seen a lot more harem animes than me :3

Jan 08, 17 at 12:47am

All of the ones on first and second page except for the male harems

Jan 08, 17 at 12:49am

Have you seen any of these?: Nisekoi, Absolute Duo, Hayate no Gotoku, Love Hina, Oregairu, OreImo, Maga Tsuki (Only has a manga, but I think it's pretty good), Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara (Meh ending), Jinsei? (kinda hehe)

I'd say you should read the manga rather than the anime for some of these, most especially for Love Hina :3 hehe, but if you don't want to scroll and read, the animes are all good too xD

Jan 08, 17 at 12:56am

Ive seen all and read some love manga for nisekoi hate the anime with a burning fiery pasion and i love absolute duo with soooo sooo much

Jan 08, 17 at 1:02am
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