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Castlevania Anime Launch!

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Thanks for the recommendation. I completely missed this one. You've peaked my interest, so I'll definitely check it out.

Jul 13, 17 at 9:39pm

The funny thing is that Netflix offered me to watch it 'cause I saw Gantz Zero so I clicked play, then languages and sadly there was only English available... I got angry!!! So I went to check it out at my fav anime website... It was in Japaneseee!!! I enjoyed it 'till the last second

Jul 14, 17 at 11:55pm

Mmm though the english dub was the true dub that was used for the Animation since it was done that way first and all other languages being the other options, but to each their own as long as you enjoyed it

Jul 15, 17 at 12:01am

My complain was not about the true dub, it's more about about how it's possible that I'm paying for a service but they forced me to watch it in whatever language they chose, it could have been French or Spanish. If there's more audios available (and you see that there are in the credits) why not provide them? That's what pisses me off, not the episodes, they're perfect!!!

Jul 16, 17 at 1:17pm

Ah I see

Jul 16, 17 at 1:48pm

SOOO AWESOME! And I'm looking forward to more!
I love it that they got Richard Armitage (Thorin from the hobbit) and Graham McTavish (Dwalin from the Hobbit) to be in it.
The Hobbit is awesome in the first place, and I watched it a lot with my mother before she died. If she were still here she would have just loved to watch Castlevania with me. I'm looking forward to more. ^-^

Jul 20, 17 at 10:11am

I've heard it's fantastic - I don't have Netflix myself (sad I know), so I can't watch it but as someone who casually enjoys the CastleVania games it seems right up my alley!

Jul 20, 17 at 5:53pm

well it's all over the internet by now... you can watch it anywhere @InfernalMonsoon, that's what I did when Netflix didn't provide me the Japanese audio

Jul 23, 17 at 9:18pm

So i loved it but the version i watched had subtitles on it and oh boy are they magical. As IN they were completely stupid and just made me start laughing uncontrollably

Jul 24, 17 at 3:24pm
koutei23 commented on Castlevania Anime Launch!

It really makes me want to play the games

Jul 24, 17 at 3:34pm
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