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Most Recent Anime You've Watched From Start to Finish?

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Kiznaiver for the third time.

May 20, 17 at 10:12am

Kiniro Mosaic - both seasons and the Pretty Days special. I do enjoy the silly, plotless animes that are purely there for fun and laughs - KM is one of them and there's something relaxing about them.

May 21, 17 at 5:39pm

kuroko's basketball

May 24, 17 at 9:24pm

Yuri on Ice and Your Lie in April. Yuri on Ice was everything to me but your lie in April was too predictable but was really good if you like anime about musicians.

May 26, 17 at 1:20am

Death Parade.

It was a fun ride and the opening is just wonderful.

May 26, 17 at 2:15pm

STEINS GATE ONLY FINISHED IT LAST WEEK AND AM REWATCHING, ORDERING GAME AND HGIOSLCVHFDISOLKCJGUFOSLKCJHGUSLDJFHUDIS. it may be 6 years old and i only just discovered iT BUT I RECCOMENDD TO ANANNNNNYYYYYOOOONNNNEEEEEEE :DDD uh its about time travel, sc-fi and romance :D and watch it subbed because the dubbed version is shit

Jun 08, 17 at 11:05am

Just finished silver spoon yesterday

Jun 11, 17 at 9:16pm

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya and Kemono Friends

Jun 14, 17 at 10:39pm

Kamisama Kiss

Jun 28, 17 at 11:34pm

SAO,Miraii nikki, soul eater, corpse party,clannad, death note, yuri on ice,ext..... (can't remember the rest :/ )

Jun 28, 17 at 11:45pm
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