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What is the 1st anime you watched that turned you into an Otaku??

MaiOtaku Forums > Anime News and Discussion > What is the 1st anime you watched that turned you into an Otaku??

Hello all, first anime watched was Slayers but what really got me into anime and one of my all time favorite is Elfen Lied

Sep 01, 17 at 12:59am

No idea if I have answered this bfeore, but the first Anime I watched were Inuyasha, Detective Conan, and Naruto. :3
Just some single episodes, though. Whenever they were on TV back then.

Sep 01, 17 at 4:09am

My entry to anime were Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba, Time Quest, Sailor Moon but Gate Keepers and Vandread did it for me.

Sep 27, 17 at 11:45pm

The first anime I watched was Toradora! xD

Sep 28, 17 at 10:43am

hi my name is addahlyinne Kendrick but u can call me kendrick for short my 1st anime was * Dragon ball and Dr.Slump * both watched at the same time in 2 different tvs ^^ XD

Sep 28, 17 at 11:58am

My first anime was Zach Bell waaay back when it was still on T.V, I didn't get super into anime until about three years ago though, once I watched an anime called Occult Academy, just kinda went on from there.

Sep 30, 17 at 1:19am

Barring childhood stuff like Card Captor Sakura and Pokemon my first anime was Koi Koi 7 I think. It was either that or School Rumble. This was all the way back in the summer of 2009 so it's been a while. >.<"

Sep 30, 17 at 1:30am
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