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Anime Boston


How many people plan on going this year (or have gone in prior years).

Does anyone plan on doing anything for this years Retro theme?

Dec 13, 16 at 6:48am

I've been going to Anime Boston since 2008. I do have plans for the retro theme two of my cosplays are characters that fit the criteria of retro. I try to match the theme as best as possible since I am heavily involved in the community and participate in their cosplay games a lot.
Last year I was the chess player for the Anime Boston Academy team as Tamaki Suoh from Ouran.

Jan 07, 17 at 10:13pm

That's sweet! I've been going since '09, and I plan on doing 16-bit nintendo characters for this year's theme.

Jan 23, 17 at 11:52am
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