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Excuse the language on the title. Yet I just had to get this out.

Anyone ever follow the anime "Yowamushi Pedal?" Now it's getting a third season. That is so awesome. This is one of favorite. I just had to get this out. :D

Nov 23, 16 at 10:52pm

Ive heard a lot of good things about the series so I been considering watching. What's it about (^∇^)

Nov 25, 16 at 1:08am

will be watching it after finished Haikyuu third season and All Out.
been an avid fan of good sport anime

Nov 25, 16 at 10:57pm

Sakamichi Onoda is a cheerful otaku looking to join his new school's anime club, eager to finally make some friends. Unfortunately, the club has been disbanded and he takes it upon himself to revive it by finding students who are willing to join. Without much luck, Onoda decides to make a round trip to Akihabara on his old, bulky city bicycle, a weekly 90-kilometer ride he has been completing since fourth grade.

This is when he meets fellow first year student, Shunsuke Imaizumi, a determined cyclist who is using the school's steep incline for practice. Surprised by Onoda's ability to climb the hill with his specific type of bicycle, Imaizumi challenges him to a race, with the proposition of joining the anime club should Onoda win. And thus begins the young boy's first foray into the world of high school bicycle racing!

Nov 26, 16 at 1:25am

It's about time it has a third season!

Nov 27, 16 at 1:50pm

Just saw the 1st episode for this season and already caught my attention. Frkn awesome.

Jan 09, 17 at 2:20pm

I AM SO HYPED FOR THE NEW SEASON <3 <3 I love Midousuji

Jan 13, 17 at 1:22am
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