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Hey! Just wondering if you guys have any Japanese merchandise anime or video games! Just post them here and share the love. For me I have a some! but just getting started.

Nov 13, 16 at 6:51pm
neeto commented on Merchandise

My most recently acquired item was the fate/EXTRA Caster figma. Haven't gotten around to opening it yet though due to being a bit busy and stuff. I had the original scale version but decided to sell it once the figma version got announced.

Nov 14, 16 at 1:28am

The only thing I have even worth mentioning is my bookshelf full of manga.

Nov 14, 16 at 5:01pm

That's pretty good! I don't have a bookshelf, one day i will though it's all about slowly building that collection. Then top if off with a Fate figure... but all i have is Shiki from kara no kyoukai

Nov 14, 16 at 6:20pm


Nov 15, 16 at 4:51pm

Ahh, i guess figures, dvd, mangas etc.

Nov 15, 16 at 5:20pm

Ahh I have a ton of shit I have to sort through from my actual collection. I have more manga than actual anime dvds. I've recently aquired quite a bit of Miku Figures. I'd like to expand this collection. I'm not in any means an actual collecter though so my knowledge of "real merchandise" is nonexistant.

Nov 16, 16 at 10:57am
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