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if you could play super smash with any game characters who would your team be

MaiOtaku Forums > Video Games Discussion > if you could play super smash with any game characters who would your team be

so basically a super cross over of many awesome game characrters in awesome brawl choose your team here is mine

lulu ffx

t-elos xenosaga

vincnet valentine ffvii

lamia loveless super robot wars
haken browning endless frontier
id xenogears
id xenogears

jin uzuki xenosaga

kaguya nanbu endless frontier

Sep 19, 16 at 5:17pm

No pics but Goku, Snoopy, Kanye West, Paper Mario, Bee Mario, 8-bit Mario, Baby Mario, Baby Wario, Baby Peach, Bomberman, Professor Layton, Yui Hirasawa, maybe one of the Skull Girls, and Felix the Cat.

Sep 19, 16 at 8:22pm

Jecht from Final Fantasy X
Cloud from Final Fantasy VII

Baiken from Guilty Gear

Kumatora from Mother 3

Shina from Bloody Roar

Hong Meiling from Touhou Project

Bazett from Fate series

And Sheik, because...♥

Sep 20, 16 at 10:42pm

My team would be:




Yami Yu-Gi


And Kaiba

If any one of these characters got in smash I would be happy! However I would prefer Katsuragi or Kaiba to be in smash if I had to pick.

Sep 21, 16 at 1:27am

Every Shin Megami Tensei and Persona character ever.

Sep 24, 16 at 6:05pm

I'd bring back Snake for one.
No anime characters though since anime fighting games have a bad habit of sucking ass and having terrible mechanics.
I thought that J-Stars was going to be one of my favorite games but 10 minutes after picking up the controller, I couldn't play anymore and the same goes for One Piece Burning Blood.

Sep 27, 16 at 5:38pm

Itachi Uchiha~ Gohan :v Ligh Yagami o.o Maybe Blue Eyes White Dragon~

Oct 18, 16 at 8:26pm
Tired of here. Inactive.

Why so many team members, geez.

Top 3:

Kefka (FF6)

Elk (.hack//Infection)

Ennard (Sister Location)

Oct 18, 16 at 9:38pm
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