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Belgium ??

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Des belges sur ce site ? Venez faire coucou :3

Aug 21, 16 at 12:53am

Yes, don't speak french though.

Mar 13, 17 at 7:13pm
KeVen commented on Belgium ??

I don't live in Belgium, but two of my grandparents are Belgian, do I count?

Mar 17, 17 at 12:31pm

Sure. Being Belgian is not a genetic thing it's a way of life. (involving making things unneccessairy complex, being so boring that it makes you awesome and being a lover of the finer foods)

Mar 17, 17 at 3:09pm

Oui, il y a un peut des belges visitez ce site. Mais il n' est pas beacoup des personnes qui parles des français. Plus des belge prefere de parle Neérlandais ou Anglais. aussi mon Français est très mauvais mais j'essaye de parlé si vous voulez.

Mar 17, 17 at 3:21pm

OMG, there really are people from Belgium here? So cool, I was afraid I'd be alone on this site >.< I'm from Flanders, my French is terrible so I won't attempt :p

Apr 19, 17 at 5:44pm

Well lalalopj, unfortunately, most Belgian members here are not active.

Apr 19, 17 at 10:13pm

Oh, that's a shame :/ Well, I'll just have to be social and get to know people from other countries then :p Thanks for answering me, I hope we'll get along :D

Apr 21, 17 at 4:12am

You're welcome. Oh well the other people in here are nice too :) (most of them) And theres always me (and i'm not sure if Kurosora is very active) if you want to talk about Belgian-related stuff :P

Apr 21, 17 at 4:53pm
Renn commented on Belgium ??

Moi aussi je suis belge /o/
Mais j'habite à la côte donc mon français n'est pas parfait... je fais pleins de fautes d'orthographe XD. I used to be pretty active here about a year ago, but got bored after a while seeing as there aren't much people who live nearby Q.Q. I did make several pretty good friends who live in other parts of Europe so that's cool :).

Jun 25, 17 at 4:59am
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