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Are you afraid that people won't like you here??

MaiOtaku Forums > Likes and Dislikes > Are you afraid that people won't like you here??

Everyone gets nervous!! However some people are super duper scared to interact with people and find their one true love!!

I have created this forum to help love and friendship triumph over evil fear!!

Aug 03, 16 at 11:10pm

Nope :) I'm me. some people like me and ya know what some people don't. But I don't come back for those people. Still this was nice of you. Kudos!

Aug 04, 16 at 12:03am

I was at first but everyone here is so friendly ≧◡≦

Aug 04, 16 at 12:09am

Not really, I'm used to people not liking me and expected as much when I joined. Just today some random guy decided to rant on my profile a bit about how much he doesn't like me or something.

Aug 04, 16 at 1:15am

Never expected anyone to like me in the first place. XD

Aug 04, 16 at 2:28am

There always will be someone who likes you and someone who hates you.

Aug 04, 16 at 2:33am

Too true Maya

Aug 04, 16 at 2:48am

@neet-one I just read what he said - I'm not stalking :) I was just interested and frankly it sounds like he's got a HUGE problem. I agree with Maydragon. You can't have it all. There's actually a pretty cool song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC0BiUL7iyY

Aug 04, 16 at 2:50am

im so nervous around people !

Aug 04, 16 at 4:33am

I've never really put myself into this kind of community so I'm definitely nervous, but I hope to make some friends while I'm here!

Aug 04, 16 at 4:00pm
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