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Skype Group ^_^


Hello I used to be on one of the best skype groups which I found over a year ago in MaiOtaku. Sadly it died quite a long time ago. So I decided to make a new skype group to kill the endless boredom, any people interested in talking about anime, games and random stuff add me: trueexpensivesenpai or type your skype below and I can add you ^_^

Jun 27, 16 at 5:20pm

Actually sounds pretty cool, I don't have a skype rn but I'm making one and I'll add you when im done so just gimme a second

Jun 27, 16 at 5:52pm

Okay cool ^_^

Jun 27, 16 at 6:30pm

I like the idea, but skype groups die so fast lol

Jun 27, 16 at 8:02pm

Yeah that's true, but I also had one group with some members from the old group that lasted for about 6 months. I wouldn't say that's short

Jun 27, 16 at 8:16pm

You guys should try out Discord. It handles group chat better than Skype does.

Jun 27, 16 at 9:33pm

if anyone has a room to invite us all, im down to join! it'll be fun to get to know you guys

Jun 27, 16 at 9:44pm
Verflixt commented on Skype Group ^_^

^ agreed

Jun 27, 16 at 10:27pm
ghostytoast commented on Skype Group ^_^

This seems great wether its skype or discord, I'm up!

Jun 28, 16 at 7:11am

Discord maybe is more fuctional and handles everything better, but it isn't as popular as skype. Almost everyone has skype and knows how to use it, so I think I will just go with it. ^_^

Jun 28, 16 at 7:30am
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