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Anyone Live in South Carolina?

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Does anybody here live in South Carolina and like to draw manga? (Even if your not very good at it) :D

Oct 19, 15 at 12:05am


Oct 28, 15 at 8:22pm

I lived in Myrtle beach up until a few months ago

Nov 07, 15 at 12:39am

D: Ahh..Why'd Ya Move Away? Nobody Ever Responded To This When I First Made It, So I Appear To Be The Only One On This Site Living In South Carolina. XD (I Know There Is Others, They Just Won't Come Out And Say It) X)

Nov 07, 15 at 12:48am

I'm in Piedmont South Carolina.lived most of my life in Greenville and Laurens but settled here now. Where you in South Carolina? it doesn't seem like there masses of South Carolinians here lol

Mar 30, 17 at 3:11pm

Piedmont Sounds Familiar.. :0 I Live In Columbia Though. It's Kind Of A Weird Thing Though, I Haven't Used This Site In A Loonnngg While.. I Just Barely Got A Notification That You Responded To This Via Email.. I Think I Might Use This Site Again. XD Maybe.. o-O Anyway, Hello! @kid-wicked

Mar 30, 17 at 7:26pm

Oh And Yeah Haha. XD There Is Apparently No Anime Fans Here In SC XD It Literally Took 2 Years For Someone To Respond. XD (I Made This Post In 2015 Apparently) o-O @kid_wicked

Mar 30, 17 at 7:29pm

I live in North Charleston, but I don't draw. More into Anime, Video Games, and Writing.

Apr 18, 17 at 8:43pm

i havent checked this website for a while for after 6 years hahaha

Jun 06, 17 at 4:45pm

Just moved to Myrtle Beach a earlier this year.

Dec 07, 17 at 1:58pm
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