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Dropping a few scribbles here.

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Erm, okay-- thinking I'd perhaps drop a few works here, too!

-Will update sometime.-

^ Someone requested this on a live stream.

^ WIP; a friend's Youtaite/Utaite avatar.

^ Some in-progress shots for a couple of manga aimed for completion before September ends. (.___. ) I shit you not, I am not particularly envious of full-time mangaka out there when it comes to workload. That line of work only looks cool on the surface, personally speaking.

Aug 04, 15 at 8:11pm

The manga shots look pretty cool, do you stream while drawing?

Aug 05, 15 at 1:55pm

@thanqouil sometimes, but it's hard to find a camera setting for a slanted table. orz

Aug 05, 15 at 6:50pm

O.o the art is so pretty

Aug 06, 15 at 12:03pm

What service do you use while streaming? Let me know and I'll check it out next time you stream :)

Aug 06, 15 at 2:34pm


YouNow, usually. Otherwise, I also have accounts on Picarto and Ustream. I just recently started to do those, so I'm feeling like I'm babbling nonsense. Hahahahaha.

Aaaaaand we're opening the doors to the online audience for this manga later this week or the early next week! -throws confetti-

Aug 10, 15 at 2:50am

Cool and gongratz, I'll be sure to check it out :)

Aug 10, 15 at 1:01pm
cielle commented on Dropping a few scribbles here.

yoooo, I can't believe you do traditional manga drawing, that's really intense!
Your coloring is so pretty too //touches

Aug 15, 15 at 3:53am

@cielle yeah. ^^; the feeling's just not quite the same when you try to do manga digitally. thank you!

Just something doodled on the sly. Perpetual night routine at the table--- eyebags.

Aug 20, 15 at 12:28am

Looks dope dude! I wish I could draw half as good haha or at all! The manga slides in particular are really well made, have you thought about getting into animation at all? Great stuff!

Aug 20, 15 at 2:54am
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