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Obscure Japanese Food

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darkhorse commented on Obscure Japanese Food

As a foodie, I enjoy trying unusual food. My favorite cuisine is Japanese. I was just curious if anyone knew any good Japanese dishes that I wasn't familiar with.

Apr 19, 15 at 8:30pm
Old_Reaper commented on Obscure Japanese Food

Basashi. Horse meat sashimi served with negi and ginger.

Apr 19, 15 at 8:53pm
Kohagura commented on Obscure Japanese Food

I don't know what you're unfamiliar with, but I will list some Japanese food that I tend to get responses like "gross" or "weird" from. Some might not be exclusive to Japan, btw.

Ones I like:
Ikura(salmon roe), tako(octopus sushi), ika(squid sushi), Hotate(scallop sushi), pig intestine soup, squid ink soup, sea grapes, beni-imo mochi/kitkat/sweets, flavored caramels, octopus/crab chips(similar to shrimp chips), white-ear fungus soup, jellyfish salad.

Ones I don't like:
Bittermelon, tripe, bamboo shoot.

Ones I never tried:
Sea snake, goat testicles, ostrich, live sushi/shrimp, roe-filled fishballs(sounds good), octopus ice cream, tomato ice cream.

I'm pretty sure there are a lot of weird ice cream flavors actually... Oddest one I know I liked was Bubblegum ice cream which had bits of gum in it, but that was in USA in a Baskin Robins.

PS: Beware of some sushi such as "pork/beef sushi", as that has caused many people to die from Hepatitis something. It was on the news last Christmas when I went to Japan.

Apr 21, 15 at 7:50am

Yukihira soma's weird peanut butter squid

Apr 15, 17 at 5:05am
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