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Oh are there any Zelda fans!?

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I absolutely love the Legend of Zelda. I really love the four swords and Twilight princess mostly! Ugh I wish my bro didn't bust my game system though! ;-;

Feb 01, 15 at 7:45pm

I personally love Link's awekening (DX prefered) and Majora's Mask.

I'm so so so happy about the remake at 60 FPS (from what I saw)! And that in France we got the skullkid figure with pre order :p.

You can find quite cheap console system in general though. And there is still emulator ! I'm actually playing at Minish cap on it \(*o*)/

Feb 01, 15 at 7:59pm

Sweet! And yeah, ima try and save up for some consoles. I really want my room decked out in anime and video game things

Feb 01, 15 at 8:07pm

Twilight Princess and Ocarina of time were my childhood

Feb 01, 15 at 8:14pm

legend of zelda a link to the past was my childhood and was always my favorite.

Feb 01, 15 at 8:20pm

Twilight Princess brings back some memories. ^^

Feb 01, 15 at 8:37pm
Old_Reaper commented on Oh are there any Zelda fans!?

Yes. I love all of them. I like the Oracle of Ages game the best for 2D Zelda, for 3D, Majora's Mask.

Feb 01, 15 at 9:30pm

Link is pretty as fuck no one can deny that

Feb 01, 15 at 10:03pm

awesome elder_reaper, oracle of ages brings back memories. my little brother had that I had oracle of time for the Gameboy color.

Feb 01, 15 at 10:43pm

I use to play the old, old Zelda on the NES too. God that thing is so old I'm surprised it works! ^^ And usagimodoki nope, no oe can deny that. Long as you dont call him Zelda cx

Feb 02, 15 at 6:34am
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