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That Uke

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juneski left a comment for That Uke

Heyya! Thanks for accepting my request :)

Aug 09, 17 at 4:38am
Shytaku left a comment for That Uke

I don't know why but that tends to happen, right? Right-handers drawing left-handed characters, left-handers drawing right-handed characters... It's not always the case, tho. I think Shigeru Miyamoto is left-handed and made Link as well, but now he's right-handed in Breath of the Wild. This oppression... :P

Aug 04, 16 at 10:28pm
Shytaku left a comment for That Uke

Hey, Uke, thanks for accepting my friend request! I saw your art on the draw-yourselves forum and I'd love to join but I'm kinda hesitant to have anything look remotely like me online (silly, I know, but still!). On the basis of your drawing... are you also left-handed? :P

Also Yui best waifu~

Aug 04, 16 at 10:09pm
MooWgle left a comment for That Uke

I saw them Yui pics.
Then I see K-On!, Black Lagoon, Hellsing, Deadman Wonderland.
Ok, you seem to have potential to become awesome pal peeps. :D

Hi there, name's Giovanti.
Looking to make new Otaku pals.

Feel free to hit me back if you're down for telling corny jokes, sharing funny stories, or making up funny court case scenarios based in the anime world.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Have a great one! n_n/")

Feb 01, 16 at 3:19pm

hey I read your page you sound like you'd be interesting to talk to. accept the FR? :D

Dec 28, 15 at 8:12pm

Yeah, I mean that's even happened to me several times with gaming before and it's just one of those on-off things that always happens, it's not a bad thing I don't think - it's good trying new things for once o/ And I did hear Gravity Falls was good but I never had the chance to sit down with it. Oh I would love to have a WiiU! I'm jealous XD I mean I would get it just for Bayonetta 2, Mario Maker and Splatoon especially since I can be a kid AND a squid! I mean that's like being a thousand things at once and it's awesome! Oooh I have Outlast on my Steam but I haven't gotten around to playing it yet, but from what I have seen of the game it does look great o/ Of course I prefer the old survival horrors much more but the good ones like Amnesia: The Dark Descent I do enjoy and I hope Outlast is just as good :D Nowadays I'm almost playing just PC games - I mean I have about 700+ Steam games to play through and played all my console stuff so I guess it's not a huge surprise XD

Sep 20, 15 at 3:05pm
kaiya91 left a comment for That Uke

LOVE your profile picture they are one of my fave femships

Sep 20, 15 at 2:05am

Yeah, y'know it's just one of those things that I tend to go on in a big way or go off of in a big way. Like I adore anime to death and what-not but whether it's because I'm busy or if I just want a change of pace, I just put it off for a bit o/ But I'm slowly getting back into it. Ah, what kinds of games are you often playing? I'm primarily a PC gamer but I play PS3 and 3DS from time to time as well o/ I've recently just been playing Killer is Dead and it's great!

Sep 12, 15 at 9:57am

Ah thanks! I'll definitely check it out! I've been off anime for a little bit due to... Well, reasons let's say XD But Baccano is something I've always been interested in! Ah you should check it out! I think it's great! I feel it has just a fair dose of everything I love about anime XD Oh, what about gaming? Are you into that much?

Aug 28, 15 at 10:04am
dreamkey95 left a comment for That Uke

hello! \^o^/

Aug 13, 15 at 8:25am
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