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cuzaku left a comment for SnowyVee


Yes that would be most wonderful!
I love making new friends and I can't wait for us to talk more :3

Mar 15, 17 at 1:00pm

Hi! Please call me Snowy, and I'll say my name if I feel comfortable enough. ^-^ I'm a massive Pokémon fan and I drew the picture you see above, so I guess I should say that first! I have just recovered from a 6+ years condition, where every meal would cause me to badly choke. It was basically like my body was unintentionally inflicting self-harm by causing my to gag and gasp for air. Pokémon, Art, Anime and my lovely, super amazing, friends helped me get passed this.

My favourite anime right now: Pokémon, FA Brotherhood, Attack on Titan, Tora-Dora and Naruto. I've watched more but this will already be too long. :3

(More in the Info page! I'll edit it later with more about myself. Let the nerves relax first n.n)

Mar 11, 17 at 8:13am
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