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yaasshat left a comment for SimonSan

It's good to see an "old" face, here. How've you been?

Aug 13, 17 at 12:43pm

nah we'd never!! just be use to be active in the forums >:3! thats where you meet new people :3!

lots of new threads too so alot to occupy you :3!

Aug 13, 17 at 11:43am

yeah! i left for a long while too and im glad i came back :3!

this batch of members i think is the best yet :3

Aug 13, 17 at 11:35am

haha kool :D! glad to see a vets back =w=!

Aug 13, 17 at 11:29am
Hiatus left a comment for SimonSan

I know you'll bring him back (I trust you LOL), but this kid (me) kinda wants to be selfish for VD afterall Mr. Simon. I asked my crush on a date and he said YES. It is definitely every girl's dream come true on VD ROFL~*facepalm*

Feb 13, 16 at 2:27am
Hiatus left a comment for SimonSan

Sorry Simonsan, I asked RainX first for Valentine's Day and he said yes so, I really cannot give him to anyone even if it is you ^^

Feb 12, 16 at 2:03pm

Try to contain yourselves ladies but I have a job (in which i earn enough to live on my own). I have a driving licence (and a motorcycle). Im fairly emotionally stable. I dont smoke/do drugs thougg i do drink rarely. I have a netflix account with 1 spare user account. I like to go out and do stuff when i have the opportunity.
I know, I know. Its a lot to take in all at once but when your darwinian senses calm down a little, youll see im the man for you!

Feb 10, 16 at 6:50pm

Cats are fucking outside and its 5am....
Id like to sleep but im not breaking someones late night nookie up. Thats just cruel...

Feb 09, 16 at 11:04pm
davidokun left a comment for SimonSan


Jan 05, 16 at 10:36am

Wow. Its Sunday already? Sorry everyone Ive mostly been playing Fallout 4 or Junk collection simulator 2015 as it should be called!

Nov 15, 15 at 11:05am
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