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31 year old Female
Last online about 6 years ago
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Hello there and wow great list of anime that you like, I myself have been into since i was real young with Blue Seed lol. Also nice to meet a fellow redhead and by the way my names Jeremy nice to meet you:)

Nov 16, 11 at 12:29am
Shedon27 left a comment for SilHairBishieLdy

Wow that a pretty long list there. How good are u at soul caliber would love to found someone new to play lol

Sep 17, 11 at 1:54am
Kronos left a comment for SilHairBishieLdy

Wow, that's quite an anime list! I like most of the video games you mentioned as well (Chrono Trigger rocks). I wonder what system(s) you have. Also, I see we're both on DeviantArt. You can check out my page if you wish. It's http://kronos2501.deviantart.com. You seem like a cool person. Maybe we can swap cosplay tips? See ya :D

Apr 10, 11 at 11:29am
Niko_kun left a comment for SilHairBishieLdy

Hiya! I compliment you greatly on the FMA cosplay, it's my all time favorite anime! Just thought I'd try to break the ice here, as we both seem to have a passion for FMA in particular. If you'd like to chat, then I'd love it. We also seem to be searching for the same thing, friendly or romantic. ~_^'

Feb 03, 11 at 7:57pm

im going 2 otakon as hidan maybe ill see all of u ppl there since i live in md its tradition here lol

Feb 22, 10 at 9:51pm

T-T you got to talk to and see and even hug Vic i am sad now FMA is my all time fav manga/anime. of course i could never cosplay Ed i'm too tall so i would do a great alphonse.

Feb 22, 10 at 1:25am
Dan left a comment for SilHairBishieLdy

yeah omg chrono trigger is the best game ever made

Jan 18, 10 at 3:43am

nice FMA-cos, i always wanted to cosplay as al (0w0)

Jan 10, 10 at 12:14am
Sephiroth left a comment for SilHairBishieLdy

Welcome to MaiOtaku! Nice anime list!

Jan 08, 10 at 4:36pm
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