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Hii ^_^ thanks for zhe add :3

Mar 28, 17 at 1:35pm

You so do man! It's filled with a ton of back story. It was much needed imo. Can't wait till you catch up so we can talk about it. :)

Feb 22, 17 at 5:59am

I've seen all 4 seasons. Sooooooo good man. Such a good show. Ruby is adorable x3

Feb 21, 17 at 9:26pm

Nice to meet you too ^^

Feb 21, 17 at 9:18pm

ThanKS for the add Qrow

Feb 21, 17 at 9:16pm

Hello~ thanks for the add~

Feb 21, 17 at 9:09pm

Ooh you like cyan. My hair is currently that colour, I messed it up dyeing it when it was supposed to be sky blue xD

Feb 13, 17 at 1:26pm
Shachi878 left a comment for ShadowDuty7

Sorry I've kept ur games for longer than I should have. I'll give them back. Promise.

Dec 20, 16 at 7:50pm

Hoi dude so you went to bed sad and all and listen to me you didnt even let me prove to you tht you really are smart cause you always want to have the logic behind stuff not just go along and believe them and honestly you are really smart -3- you know math better than me which really says lots lol and then your really important to me and all your other friends ;-; so dont think so low about yourself (and think that im the one to speak) but your really nice and make me happy at times when i just cant be ;-; and help me with my problems and really make me feel like i have a worth k,k? so ok your a good person now dont go to sleep sad , deal?

Nov 04, 16 at 4:50am


Sep 17, 16 at 6:39am
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