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kaizu left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

So it is safe to say you essentially just pretty much goof off the whole night too? xD
Not that I'd do any different if I were nocturnal and had the option I guess but still lol...

COLD PIZZA FTW...yes I'm odd like that. Just don't put Pineapple on it...ewww xP
Though tbh I usually just have a granola bar and yogurt or something xD What do you
usually have when there isn't pizza available? I suppose by the time you're up its lunch...

I did make it sound like that? I just meant I'm away for the month traveling or staying at other(s) places watching animals (in other words I'm gone way more than usual). I just said it sucks because I want to play and I didn't want to make it sound like I was avoiding playing with you lol. My aunt gets back mid-July so I'll be home after that. Normally, I can play very often! And I have a headset I told you it just ran off on me last time! xP Same to you!

Probably, guess I just don't pay attention since I don't drink much soda. ^^' There are probably many knock-offs (similar soda's with other names) in stores too. I'm sure they have many soda's there with different names that we don't have here!

Yes...but he can still hear you, smell you, throw stuff at you and make you visible again? He's a I know he's not always the most "intelligent" but I have a feeling he may figure something out. Nevertheless, good luck as usual! Keep working on those strategies!

Yesterday at 9:56pm
kaizu left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

When are you ever up in the morning? xD But yes, breakfast is awesome! Even if breakfast is just grabbing a pop tart or whatever you call them in the Netherlands!

I'm never home on the weekends right now either...just we will have to try and play then. My schedule is inconsistent but as I said I'm gone for the month mostly anyway so...yay. But I may be home for the next few weeks so if I'm online and see ya around I'll ask/invite. You won't get out of playing/talking with me forever mate! xP

Dr. Pepper was amazing! You can't tell it to fuck off and say its okay at the same time...make up your mind! xD

*turns phone off* Well, what friend are you calling again? I didn't approve the use of lifelines but if you can get Kratos to agree to your terms in the heat of battle...hey, I won't stop you!

Jun 11, 17 at 9:02pm

Where the fuck are you! You better answer me before I find you and bite you! Neko is mad and want attention. You make me worried and imma scratch you so bad when you get back, to punish you! Baka.

Jun 02, 17 at 12:35pm
kaizu left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

With that little time before you have to be somewhere, I'd guess you did none of those things! haha

I will, but like I said I'm not home so it will be quite some time before I'm online again so...yeah. We should've taken advantage of it lol. But its not like I am commonly taking a month hiatus from my ps4 I am on most weekends so we will have our chance. I'm just sad I'm losing my diamond streak xP

Moutain Dew?! Nah, real men drink Dr Pepper if you're going to consume a crappy beverage. That or root beer. And pizza...always pizza. Dinner of champions.

Good luck with that kratos thing. I'm glad you're admitting that you'll probably get your butt kicked...admitting you have a problem is the first step to solving it. Not that there is much of a solution to this "imaginary" scenario xP.

Hope your week goes well!

May 31, 17 at 11:22pm
kaizu left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

Geez, so what just get up and run out the door? No food or anything? I guess, but it takes me like 15-30 min just to get to work depending on where I'm at lol. I also eat, stretch, and try to have basic hygiene which takes like 20ish minutes.

I only have to worry about the (troublesome) dogs when I'm watching my aunt's two (the small one/extra fluffy one). Big goof isn't much trouble and he just sleeps on top of me till I get up (unless someone comes by the door). I'm just dogsitting for my aunt nearly the entire next month so I'm gonna be getting less sleep and have to get up extra early which sucks but oh well...I like dogs xP.

But we still need to play Paladins man and now I'm home even less! Better hope the Beta is still active when I get back! (I'm sure it will be). I blame the crappy timezone differences but you also have a crazy sleep cycle...I get up a tad early but being on around 9-11pm I'd say is more standard than 4 am (excluding the timezone differences). Anyway, I do come on in the afternoon's sometimes so I think that'd be the best bet since you're on so late anyway...or even 7-8 my time would be 2 am your time since you're up anyway xP

I didn't say coffee I said caffeine gawd xP I dislike soda lol but go for what'cha want.
HA! Oh that cute little pink pokemon cosplaying as an anime character from that're TOO brutal man!

Nah man the only weakness kratos had was his family and well...yea that's kinda not really a weakness you can exploit anymore. I'm making a outside help. At least no humans. I don't want any excessive death!

May 25, 17 at 10:18pm
kaizu left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

Oh so you'll have to be up at what then...7? Knowing you...7:45 or later? xD You poor thing! And I can't ever sleep...dogs get me up regardless! Most I'd ever sleep is 8 maybe 9 hours but that would only be after getting up and feeding them first xP

Just develop some sort of sleep pattern and follow it on the days you have to work (well try lol) will make your life a whole lot easier. Also caffeine...lots of that...

In other news, I think I've FINALLY settled on my new profile pic...we'll see...if you couldn't tell I chose the anime/character awhile ago I'm just nitpicky as hell with the picture. Yes I'm a dork...sue me. My avatar on everything else is pip usually atm lmao.
You still win with cosplay pika though!

*grabs popcorn and chair* "Oh sir, I'd like to place some wagers!" Keep in mind Kratos isn't a "gentlemen" like yourself! We shall see how this goes! lmao

May 24, 17 at 9:07pm
kaizu left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

Well true, I mean it's not like I get up at 6 or 6:30 (closer to 5:30 if I'm dogsitting...) lol. If I'm off I sleep till 9:30 or 10 and that's assuming I go to bed on time. So I guess I can be like you sometimes...but I don't think I've stayed up till past 2ish since like highschool (unless I've had to xD). Also, I am zombified until I've caffeine get's me going...I'm not up everyday at the same time that's the problem. I wish I had a consistent schedule man, maybe someday! Enjoy your wacky schedule while you can have it!

Maybe not dubbed English I mean I can understand, that might be worse than Japansese for you lol. But no anime get's translated to your native language at all? That's interesting...even if its bad they usually try to dub it for a lot of countries...though it usually goes quite awful from what I hear lol.

That comment about the 12 year old girls :'D oh sooo many anime came to mind lmao

Heh...again, good luck! I think he may have a bit of a height advantage on you if nothing else! ;)

May 23, 17 at 8:13pm
kaizu left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

Sooo...that's half the night (am) dude regardless of timezones dude...I rest my case lol. i work at like 7-8 am usually so that wouldn't work for me. Though I can also work at like 4-11pm but its either one or the other usually. If I'm off I usually go to bed at like 11 pm. But sorry I'm not nocturnal like you I guess. xP

Tbh there are very few anime(s) with GOOD English voice acting (dubbed) imo. They certainly aren't any shonen series (or any long ones' that's for sure lol). Even naruto, one that I watched dubbed for the longest time I can't stand. xD But Baccano, FMA (2nd), Cowboy Bebop and some movies would be examples of anime that I think have good dubbing all across the board and I think a fair amount of people would agree. But everyone is entitled to their opinions!

Oh...OH...YOU are gonna dismantle Kratos huh? And how exactly do you plan to do that? With what exactly may I ask? Forget the getting help then...I'm going to grab some popcorn and enjoy the show if you're so confident in yourself! Hopefully, it doesn't become a living version of "Attack on Titan". I'll be rooting for ya mate! xP

May 22, 17 at 9:18pm
kaizu left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

You go to bed at like 4 am or so...that means you have to sleep till like 12 right? so yeah you do sleep kinda half the day xD I couldn't get away with that and wouldn't really want to lol. Some people I know get up at like 5 (they're even worse but still...) I try and get to bed around 10 or 11 most nights. You don't have an inconsistent work schedule like mine mate! xD

Ah...that makes sense. Who doesn't watch anime subbed? Crazy people perhaps but dubbed is terrible (usually). The only time I'll watch it in the native language is if I really need to do something else and its a series' I just want to have on in the background. But have anime on because you wanna watch it ya know!

Yeah, at least they got into the duels now but do they have to introduce a new element of dueling every season...I still don't get half the mechanics! xD Hoverboards now though!

Speak for yourself...but eh sure! You stay behind and be all "manly" and provide a distraction for Kratos...maybe you can get his autograph! I'll go find some help or something...because that's what friends are for! ^_^

May 20, 17 at 2:22pm
kaizu left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

You're literally up the whole night though...that must mean you sleep like half the day? How does that fit in with school and work? I could never have gotten away with that lol.

Still, think you should watch it at some point. They have to translate movies...they aren't "all" in English if that's what you meant by "english speaking"? Plus it seems like you speak pretty good english to me lol. But I can understand wanting to watch something in an easier language. If you don't get english well then I guess I better learn a 3rd language quite fast...

I've only seen like 2 episdoes but its called "Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto" and way "over the top" crazy for a comedy but its hilarious and I'm really enjoying it.
Also watched the first episode of the new yugioh (VRAINS)...and That is all. xD

You're more afraid of Kratos than the Krakken? Guess it depends which Kratos lol...

May 18, 17 at 12:26am
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