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Sparky left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

Its not really a flying car though, its like a hover car xD But yes it is cool lol
Way too tedious too get though. If they do playable missions they better be during that
10 year gap!! You really have a thing for gladi huh? Funny he's actually the last one I'd wanna do unless it involved ramen or something xD

Did you play the beta? I got fed up with it...since when does a WEEKEND beta (assuming it was going by our time) end on a uncool. It was cool but I don't think it will last very long. The controls work and are unique but its got quite a few issues and I see lots of people having issues with that style of system. It will either flop day one, or take off and flop within a few weeks. Sure, I could be wrong...but I'm gonna bet on me being right and hold off for a sale (like 20USD level sale) lol. Then it is totally worth a play!

Digimon is fun! But its not something I can play for more than so many hours on end...gets depressing when digimon die and though its part of the game I hate it. System is confusing as hell. But its fun overall. As I said too many of em and unless one realyyyy catches my eye or they either bring abyss or vesperia to a sony console I won't likely be picking anything up xD But have fun!

LBP and starwhal are free this month...both those games are random af but might be worth trying out if we wanna play something co op or versus!

Yes I got it now. Though I'm sure I could find a book from even close by you that would say otherwise I'll go with it xP Hope you had a good valentine day .

Feb 14, 17 at 10:18pm
Sparky left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

Well I'm only like 60 something so I'm not worried about being close to 120 xD

That is amazing ! Though I use car more than chocobo once I got it to lv10 its still awesome haha what do you mean by play other characters though?! Like actually play as them? or just pick their moves? O.o
Any idea when the update comes out?

anddd noww I've been busy with digimon and many games. So little time.

Idk how holiday works in the netherlands!! St Nick is why some people celebrate here even on the 25th because they think him to be the same as santa claus...which they kinda are hence the similarities I guess. Idk, I don't follow any religious stuff so whenever you wanna celebrate it as far as I'm concerned I'll say happy holidays xD

Feb 07, 17 at 6:56pm
Sparky left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

No what are they including? o.O Does it involve new chocobo colors?! xD

I don't think we need another crazy dude running around with a big ass awesome as it is. I think if he were king he'd be better off sitting on the throne reading a book with the occasional rampage dont'cha think?

I'm guessing Christmas or one of its variants (whatever you call it lol) is celebrated places, just at slightly different times. But there are of course going to be different holidays like country foundings and such.

I stopped watching in late Hoenn but always followed up on important battles. Unova was soooo bad lol. That final battle...riolu...I was like...really? I knew it was gonna be bad after that first snivy battle. Kalos got better and fingers crossed for unova. I know it was a mock battle but i'm still counting it and so is everyone else!

Feb 04, 17 at 5:21pm
Sparky left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

True but they already had the chocobo/moogle festival. Unless they had a ramen festival I don't see how any dlc could top it! Though I could see potential in a dlc for that time of noct in the crystal...but I meant as a stand-alone game it would be pretty bad xD

Nah I still think he'd end up breaking the throne in half of boredom or something at some point with that big sword of his if he had to be king...

Yeah, cringe worthy I'll give you that one. But there is still way worse in the FF series lol.
Hm...wonder what holidays you guys have that we don't and the other way too...

In other news, do you ever follow the pokemon anime? I do from time to time...kalos was pretty entertaining and so has alola so far. But ash lost to team rocket...after 20 years...PIKACHU LOST TO TEAM ROCKET! Do you know how historical this is?!

Feb 03, 17 at 6:28pm
Sparky left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

2.0 Awesome...maybe? Likely...doubt it and tbh I'm kinda happy lol. I mean I'd love to see what noct was up to but the fun of the game for me was the band of brothers. So removing those three or even following them as they fought the daemons in the real world and noct in the crystal...idk I just don't think it could live up to the original that's all. xD

Feb 02, 17 at 11:17pm
Sparky left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

Well he does read books...but I still think even a blind iggy is better. Gladio would get too bored and he's more suited to be out in combat or something lol.

I hated hope's "girlfriend" soo much more...also that ending...I really liked cloud and his fiance but nope they always fuck up the romance! Dx Speaking of which, where is valentine pika? or is that not gonna be a thing? You could always go to saint Patrick's day pikachu...oh wait, I suppose that's not a thing in the Netherlands lol.

In other news, today is Groundhog day here, he saw his shadow so it means we have 6 more weeks of winter :/

Feb 02, 17 at 11:01pm
Sparky left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

Gladio would be TOO perfect. All the chicks are already falling at his feet, he doesn't need to be king! lmao

Jan 30, 17 at 11:43pm
Sparky left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

Well you don't have to but...yeah xD

How was pushing buttons for an hr fun? Maybe I missed something but that whole area was annoying af followed by easily the most annoying boss in the entire story...not my idea of a good time but that might just be me xD

How do you know there will be a ffxv 2.0? o.o I mean I'd love it but I'd rather Noct not have to die lol. He could always just be with her in his dreams or when he eventually passes on but having to leave his friends like that. Not cool.

FF13 just sucks because of where it went and the fact that they continued it...I didn't actually hate 13. In fact, it was one of the few final fantasy games I actually finished. Was it worth it? Hell no. All I can say is I hope to see more basass female characters like lightning (she's my def. of hot-as much a prompto prefers car ladies lmao). That and the combat, FF7 remake with that combat style (or a choice of it or turn based so everyone is happy) would be awesome.

Jan 30, 17 at 11:42pm
Sparky left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

oh and yeah, the chocobo stuff is AMAZING. I just wish the whole team could have costumes lol

Jan 29, 17 at 8:28pm
Sparky left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

Meh, I still think some things they ban and don't ban can be a bit silly...probably why I don't typically go for all those rules unless I'm on showdown. I'll adhere to certain pokemon and agree not to sleep spam more than a few pokemon but that's about it. I know pokebank is out but for some reason I can't get it to work totally >.> oh well, I've got decent Alola pokemon. The mew is cool though xD

Ah that makes more sense. Noctis was like 54 on mine and I just finished tbe main story. Wasn't too bad and the final boss wasn't that bad at all (normal). That one dude at the end of the place where you rescue prompto...hands down most annoying boss in the story. I still absolutly hated being alone as Noctis though...probably that combined with a boring ass setting (literally pushing buttons for like an hr). Idk, I think I'd have preferred like a 3 hr alone segment that took place with Noctis in the crystal...would have been much more awesome x3

That ending has me soooo depressed though Dx Its for sure more akin to being final fantasy versus 13 instead of has much darker story elements. What do you think?

I HATE ardyn soo much...that asshole when he killed Luna I was like...I'm gonna kill him in the most violent way I can. Then all the mind games and shit...yeah he got what was coming. I still hate that noct had to die though...I wanna know what happened to his friends because I mean they were supposed to "protect and advise the king" but they can't really do that now. I hope iggy became the king in the physical world or something lmao.

The kidney thing did pass right over my head...sorry ^^'

Jan 29, 17 at 8:15pm
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