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kaizu™ left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

Halloween Pika isn't here? You really don't check on here anymore xD Imma PM you on ps4 then from now on I guess! xD

Nov 01, 17 at 10:39pm
kaizu™ left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

I actually just had pizza! :L Do they have the deep dish (thick crust) kind in the Netherlands? It's amazing! *-*

Same here, well kinda...I still check in on here but rarely do anything but respond to messages. xD I gotta get on it with the PS4 then so we can talk that way...been to obsessed with my books and anime as of late. ^^' I also got Nioh and keep getting my butt kicked! :X But with the holidays coming up I'll have lots of time off so there's that too.

How have you been as of late?

Oct 26, 17 at 12:32am
kaizu™ left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

*is 100% distracted by doggo* What was the subject in question again? xD

Rotation can also mean food ON rotation. Ya know like, in pastry shops where the food is spinning? Usually all sorts of sweets and such...I think that could be something we could both agree on! If you know what I'm talking about xD

Random off topic jump (but still related to FF)-XV on PC has first person! That looks hella awesome but I think I'd go nuts trying to use swords in that mode lol. I think you're gonna need more fire for what you're dealing with though ;)

Oct 04, 17 at 1:41am
kaizu™ left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

We were arguing over the first Pokemon? I thought it was who "God" was! Hm...I've been arguing for the wrong thing this entire time...my mistake. *sees a dog run past* War ended...more important doggo matters came up! ^-^

As long as any food isn't baked beans or canned tuna (google if they don't have them in your area). I will be willing to try most things! I guess I generally eat "healthier" as cheaply as possible to maintain my weight so I guess that's also why I know you don't always get sick of some foods. Rotation is key. Even if you didn't mind it I don't think anyone could actually survive just eating pizza ya know xD

*A Malboro appears!!* Oh you've really done it with that FF music now! Have fun!!

Sep 24, 17 at 10:33pm
kaizu™ left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

Lord Helix will fall in the face of the Great Bidoof! That's all I'm saying xD Though Lord Helix certainly has his uses...he's not broken in combat like the true Lord is!

Wanna bet on that? I pretty much eat it every other day already xD

True. But garbage (pizza with everything on it), will always be the best. It has (almost)
everything! Dunno how you'd beat that! ^^

Because you need to fight some fights yourself mate! Besides, I recall you challenging him no? I wouldn't want to get involved. xD

Well...that was a ways off lol. SOON!

Sep 11, 17 at 6:57pm
kaizu™ left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

P.S. Apologies for the decade late response. I usually try and get on once a week but was gone and then I kinda forgot about it lol. I am on my PS4 though as you can see (we still gotta get on that mate-new Paladins season)!

Aug 20, 17 at 8:53pm
kaizu™ left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

I did acknowledge Lord Bidoof, I had to...or else he gets moody ya know (my pun skills-10/10!) I will acknowledge Lord Helix but only in the write context. Helix was so last year...Bidoof is the eternal Lord! Be honest, who's wrath do you fear more-Bidoof or Helix? I think that clarifies my answer! xD

Nah, just gimme Banana Bread each day and I'd be in Heaven. If I had to eat Salad or didn't make what I eat less boring I'd die. Pizza is the PERFECT food (after Ramen)- so it never gets old!

Nope, I already am a hero! Why would I need the superpowers? You're the one who has to rely on a cheat code device remember? ;)

Aug 20, 17 at 8:52pm
kaizu™ left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

Lord Helix didn't serve me well in my last Nuzlocke...therefore he is null...not Type Null, just null (nullified) xD ALL HAIL BIDOOF <3

Fine...noodles it is then. The Holy Trinity of Ramen, Ramen and Ramen 6 days a week! I'll give you Pizza, Pizza, and Pizza on Sunday (the actual "Holy" day) just to mix it up. How's that sound? Rice is kinda healthy if you eat brown I guess...but the rest...I don't think so. In quantities man. Like I said I'm not your mom man. Just exercise to keep that Pika form! xD

What do superheroes have to do with my hopes and dreams? :(

Jul 17, 17 at 8:24pm
kaizu™ left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

Nah my favorite Pokemon is Mew so that's like 20% of the shrine there. Pikachu variants are another 30%. Rowlet (tied with Mew for fav.) like 10% and the rest is random crap. Not one devotion to Arceus and proud of it! I worship Lord Bidoof, sorry to tell ya he's the real center of the Pokeverse!

Lmao, totally your Waifu for laifu! xD

Ramen is the best. Followed by potatoes. And a close third is Bananna Bread. All inquiries to change the trinity of Holy foods will be either ignored or protested immensely. xD

Idk about there, but here there are literally hundreds of choices of Granola bars alone...of course I "try" and be healthier. Doesn't mean I always am. I don't really touch salads per say, more like microwaved steamed veggies. Counts for veggies I guess, but healthy? Dunno. What do you eat then? Tacos and Pizza 24/7?

Yeah, but work AND school sucks! That's all. But good luck on the passive job search nontheless.

Still...we could've had an amazing buisness venture! That's why I'm salty about it! xP RIP hopes and dreams...

Jul 10, 17 at 9:22pm
kaizu™ left a comment for Peekhatsjoe

More the original statement about the landscape and stuff not being nerdy. By all means, be nerdy! I just try (and suggest at times) not going overboard. For example, if you want to wear a geeky shirt cool, just make sure it compliments whatever you normally wear. I also don't have my anime crap all over anymore. One Pokemon shrine is enough!

DUDE! Have you not had like...hash browns? Or mashed potatoes? Or potatoes in cheese? Corn on the cob? I also like carrots but not everyone does...for some reason I put avocado on everything. I'm sure lots of people would agree with you on the hamburger thing though...its just much worse for you than even ramen xD Key word, moderation. But hey, I'm not gonna tell ya what to eat! lol

That's still really nice... xP I think its hard for anyone to work while in University...I never liked doing it, maybe try looking in University ads or something if you haven't already.

Like I said man, I was prepared to sell the cheat codes FOR life that I thought you had come up with! xD

Jul 05, 17 at 11:50pm
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