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^^; thats it? some of those you dont even need to say that much for. yeah i think you should like forget about it at this point. if he really was interested he would reply as soon as he could. especially if its not some long text message, but a simple one sentence reply. haha i have done that too XD well back when i had a phone anyway i would get a text and start sending a message and then like leave in a hurry and forget to hit send. >.> has gotten me in trouble a couple times

yeah ikr? alaska sounds like a nice place XD i might freeze to death but hey no more florida lol idk what its like to drive in snow but im gonna guess its harder than driving in rain. tbh i doubt i would call XD i get so caught up in things i forget everyone else exists. whenever my mom leaves for a trip she calls me like "you dont love me anymore?" i always forget to call her

it is enough XD one laptop is ok but two is like overkill. oh so like you pay off the phone while you pay your phone bill? huh idk i might need one when i get into the military (gotta pay the recruiters a visit in 2 weeks) TwT i actually lost the card they gave me so now i gotta go in there and find the lady i talked to before

about 12 hours ago


about 12 hours ago

smaller conversation? what like a few words and thats it? that should be ez to reply to then. idek maybe you should do the same thing? see if he notices. yeah cuz in my mind i will remember i looked at the message. so i will expect a reply XD then sometimes i realize oh wait i didnt send a reply and like then they message me like "you still alive?"

yeah i've lived in texas and its pretty cool there but idk if i wanna go back. maybe somewhere else? like alaska? but then again driving in the snow might be a pain. i think i can be on my own without my family. if i ever miss them i can call or visit.

well its true XD food > phone. i have like two laptops so what else would i need? yeah phones are expenisve..especially if i get one on a contract which would be a waste since no people to call, doesnt call people anyway, spends most of my time on my computer, when i find a need for one then i will get it.

about 14 hours ago

like i said idk ^^; that makes no sense to me either. he isnt busy, he isnt tired, he probably is one of those people who just doesnt reply back right away. like a friend of mine on here was saying, some guys just dont reply with the same consistency or in the same time frame as you. they usually take days to respond. XD with me it bothers me too much. if i read the message i have to reply back to it right away otherwise i will forget about it and never reply. it happens sometimes on here lol but yeah they are the best, she does make things interesting.

haha im planning to move to another state, then afterwards move to another country entirely. the only time i will be back in florida is to see my family.

>.> tbh i rather use my money for food rather than buy a cellphone XD im just that fat. but yeah its not like i need it atm. i've gotten along pretty fine without it up until now. although it was handy for things like skype calls and taking pictures orz

Yesterday at 8:59pm

yeah im in no rush tbh, i did the whole dating the next person i get close with thing and it never works. so i feel like its wasting both my and their time. oh well idk maybe he isnt interested? idk XD i might be a guy but even i cant find a reason why you would disappear for several days. i usually like to get back to people as soon as possible so i probably wont have the same mindset as him. omg pls she is just a weirdo who likes messing with me XD but yeah i guess you can say that. i doubt it will go anywhere though lol but who knows?

uhhh i wanna go japan, hmmm and some places in europe. havent really picked out an exact location for europe but i will most likely go to more than one place

yeah which is why i never tried to replace it...i might get one in the future but i dont need it rn

Feb 14, 17 at 8:21pm

ehhh i guess my flirting is alright? idek lol i just cant keep up with that stuff for too long, eventually i get bored an wanna do something else.

me im not so much busy to seriously look for a realtionship, but more like what im looking for is just that hard to find ^^; so im just like whatever i'll get to it whenever i get to it XD ehhh but that seems weird "hey im busy, i'll text you in a few days" or maybe he just literally doesnt have the time and it just slips his mind :/ either way i wish you luck on that one. yeah she does make things interesting when she does come back on though. uhhh well idk if we had a serious conversation yet. maybe we did but it was a little one then went back to more joking lmao we are the same when it comes to joking around and stuff

i wanted to go to colorado but i have a friend there that said the people there were mean :/ so like idk i might move overseas

idk it just like died on me XD it froze while i was watching anime so i turned it off and then it didnt want to turn back on. literally kik was the only thing i used it for (besides listening to my music)

Feb 12, 17 at 7:26pm

yeah im the same way, its always interesting to get other people's perspective on life. thats what i like the most about talking to people. im not really sure XD but i mean hey if someone flirts with me i'll play along XD i cant keep it up forever but i'll try.

ohhhh i see so like neither of you have been there before it was just for school. yeah i would probably do the same i would keep walking around until i see something familiar but if i get even more lost >.> i might have a panic attack or something lol

oh ok ok well im looking, but i dont really care if i do find someone or not. its not that important to me atm. oh do you not know him irl or something? thats strange :/ he just disappears. but i get you eventually that stuff might weigh on you if they just come and go (especially if it was someone you liked) maybe he is just busy? i cant tell if she is flirting with me or joking around XD she is just random. she also comes and goes but i dont really mind it as much. im gonna do the same actually >.> idk where i would move to but like i dont want to live here lol floridians are so weird.

well i did...but it messed up, since i didnt really call anyone anyway i didnt need a new one. the only thing im missing out on is kik >.> my messages are probably piling up on there.

Feb 12, 17 at 4:47pm

maybe all they do is flirt cuz they dont know how to talk normally? i find that strange though XD same i like talking to people -3- keeps me from being bored, plus its interesting to hear what people have to say sometimes

they cant be no different than dogs right? if you get them when they are puppies then there shouldnt be a problem. ikr? whenever those little guys are fighting on a tree they move so fast XD

oh so you guys were in rome? thats cool, was it nice there? wait how did she know where to go? did she already live there? or wasshe just good with directions? oh well i like everything tbh just my with my taste in music no one really shares the same likes XD except like one guy on here. who has literally been the only guy i've ever met who even likes more than half the bands and people i listen to.

well maybe it cuz i've never been stung XD now if i did get stung maybe then i would stay away from them. but i think they are harmless. i dont mind roaches that much, if i see one i can kill it. but if its a spider no matter if its a tiny one i will stay away from it.

i think i get what you mean like you are looking for someone just you arent desperate for it. oh what do you mean he disappears? there is a girl im confused on too >.> she is kinda strange ^^; but im curious about her. same same i dont like 90% of the people in florida either, i just dont get along with them.

oh i see >.> i dont have a phone XD i mean i did but it messed up (not like i used to use it)

Feb 12, 17 at 10:13am

yeah i mean sure its fun at first but then after a while it gets boring ^^; then you want a normal conversation for once. yeah thats what i mean, idk i find it easier to talk to people that way.

wolves are fine, they are like dogs :D only meaner. i dont think they attack you or anything if they are by themselves. thats why they hunt in packs, strength in numbers. same squirrels are so fast XD

omg you actually got lost somewhere? thank god you had your friend XD ik i would panic. i would walk around like ik where im going but im internally freaking out. sounds like fun especially if you two like the same music lol no one ever wants to listen to my stuff thats why i carry a pair of headphones everywhere

oh i always used to think people were afraid cuz they might sting you. i dont think they just up and sting you...they arent that aggressive now GIANT HORNETS those are the aggressive ones. i wouldnt go near any of those. what happens if there is no one around to kill it? but ik how you feel im the same for spiders

are you like actively searching for someone right now? thats strange though :/ maybe its just the people where you live?

oh well its fine whatever works for you

Feb 12, 17 at 12:41am

yeah there are people who just flirt alot (even i get those kinds of people) but aside from flirting you guys dont really get along? like your normal conversations arent as fun. if that makes any sense ^^; oh no no no dont get me wrong im myself all the way through, just it depends on the personality. like if they are the fun person who likes joking around then i joke around and try to be fun. or if they are the person who like serious conversations, i talk in a more serious way. so its my personality just the conversations are made in a way we both can enjoy. thats why when someone talks to me in a way that doesnt fit my personality i have trouble speaking with them.

ikr? people have things like foxes for pets and even wolves >.> the wolves sound kinda cool to have though. but yeah as a kid i would try to catch some of them to keep as pets but they would always run to their trees and i couldnt get them >: idk i was a weird little kid XD

i feel like if i ever went to a foreign country i would get lost XD and knowing me i would be too stubborn to ask for directions (even if i knew the language there) i've been on a trip with just my family though but it was fun lol all the guys riding across the country (my mom and sister took a plane there XD) but it was all of us joking around and stopping for snacks and stuff it was tons of fun. i imagine being with friends is even better.

ok the cockroaches i can agree with you there, but the wasps im not sure why people hate them. i mean even in school when they see a wasp everyone runs. i just say whatever. i've actually had a wasp resting on the back of my sweater and some guy was freaking out. i didnt really care, if i didnt bother it i would be fine. well im not sure what kind of relationships your talking about (whether it be friend or like boyfriend) but i dont think you have to worry about your relationship with me c: i'll pretty much be your friend until the end (unless like you do something bad to me or like disappear ^^;)

oh no no thats fine really, dont worry about it. i get that you must be pretty busy so its fine. and if you dont really feel like coming on here you can add me on skype or something. whatever is convenient for you.

Feb 11, 17 at 11:37am
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