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Just a panda

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what up nerds I came back from the dead to say I got a job at GameStop >u<

Aug 19, 17 at 9:37am

Hi Panda! x3 I like the name and looks like we have some anime in common so just wanted to say hi and feel free to do the same if you wanna chat ever!

Sep 07, 16 at 12:04am

A meme for you ^.^

Jun 18, 16 at 4:18pm

yoyoyo panda ;D

Jun 18, 16 at 3:59am
hoobae567 left a comment for Just a panda

Salutations from a fellow Otaku! How's it going, Miss Panda? :D

Apr 13, 16 at 11:37pm

I know how that is, working all the time so I don't get to watch anime like I used to =3=. I'm not always in the mood to watch anime, but when I am I am at work.fml

Feb 13, 16 at 3:07pm

See you just finished Kyoukai no Kanata, :3 You should know there is a movie as well.

Feb 13, 16 at 11:18am

I don't put all the Anime I watch on here its all in hummingbird if you want to know all what I watch every thing is on there. user name is Kyshan on there

Dec 04, 15 at 12:45pm

Hey, I hope you're doing well. :)

Dec 03, 15 at 10:31am
ventornado left a comment for Just a panda

Sorry for the late reply! Havn't been looking at my stream a lot lately...

As for me, been playing a lot of Smite, and getting sad over two of the anime that just ended. They sure do know how to lay on dem feels.

What games do you play, if you don't mind me asking?

Mar 28, 15 at 12:21am
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