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21 year old Male
Likes: Females
Last online about 1 month ago
san jose, CA
~My main priority is to find that special someone then make friends later on or as I go searching~

Hello fellow Uhhh...(whatever we anime fans call ourselves now a days) and nice to meet you.Just like many others my hobbies include anime,various video games,listening to music,cooking,and card games.

I'm your average gentle giant type of person.I love to brighten peoples day up by doing little thing for them such as bringing snacks for my co-workers during my break or comforting people during times of distress.

My Stats: 6 feet tall,180 pounds, average build,don't drink, don't smoke,I'm a virgin

I'm very open minded and incredibly friendly so don't be afraid to ask me any type of question.
Favorite Anime View All
The World Only God Knows
Chibi Vampire Karin
Lovely Complex
Mirai nikki (Future Diary)
Kimi ni Todoke
Future Diary