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MattDFW left a comment for jenjenjennn

Hello there! New to the site just wanted to say hi. :)

Apr 02, 17 at 11:55pm
dc_4267 left a comment for jenjenjennn

Hi hi fellow texan how are you? I would like to get to know you even if we stay in friend zone

Mar 02, 17 at 10:16am
Tyler left a comment for jenjenjennn

Heyyy you seem interesting and like you have good taste in anime. Would be cool to talk to you some time if you're free. :)

Feb 13, 17 at 9:27pm

Hello :)

Feb 04, 17 at 11:42pm
XVX Otaku left a comment for jenjenjennn

Oh nice. Sorry if I forgot that you told me you had no classes on Friday or Saturday. I work four days a week now and I have to walk 10+ miles per day at work. XP Yeah, I had to google the initials of your university. Why’d they make the chance from UTPA to UTRGV? I don’t know why, but UTRGV sounds like a TV station or something. XP Hope that doesn’t sounds insulting… Okay. I’d say. Because at first I was thinking that if you were working and going to school I was going to freak. You stay the night there? What? Or am I misreading you on that one..? Isn’t the fact there is no lights a good thing tho? Ooh. Sounds like a nice little collection. ^^ I wouldn’t mind seeing it. In person that is. XD Hold up; you got anime bed sheets? Does it match that huggy pillow of Rei that you are hiding? jk XP Oh? Do you draw any too? I can’t draw worth a damn… ^^; Honestly, I’m surprised that I can even hold a pencil with skills. haha

I know, right? But we are talking about how cool people are like we aren’t one. haha Yay! You remembered my name. Which could that mean you like me? XP

Welp, if life won’t always do good things to you, I will. ^3^ You pass better without studying? I wouldn’t say that is a bad point of yours. But very interesting. Have you always been that way with tests? Anythings to speed up your grudge dropping? Just incase I tick you off accidentally. I’d like to know the antidote.

Oh… I’m sorry to hear that for you. Would you rather not talk about it? You sure are a smooth one when it comes to compliments; let me tell ya.

D’aw. You’re such an endearing thing. I’m looking forward your messages too.

Feb 03, 17 at 4:09pm
XVX Otaku left a comment for jenjenjennn

How come you are getting more time to study during the day? What has changed? Hm. Yeah, I don’t think you’ve mentioned the name UTRGV before. That’s a pretty long name tho. I’m used to like one or two letters. haha How many hours do you work per day? I can’t remember if you’ve told me that or not..? I hope it’s not too much for you with school and all. Or make you drive too much at night or while you are tired. So have most of the schools you’ve been to been run by a family type thing? Yay! For together foolishness! Oh? How big is your anime collection?

A double “jk”? I don’t know if I should try you on that… XP I know, right? Like some of those cosplayers that work in a scene or skit on stage too! Like… How they do that? Well, I hope you have a bunch of name memorized then. ;) Oh, and if that’s how you remember people’s names… What’s mine? XD “Ohhhhh ><“? What’s that in reference to?

Meh, nothing wrong with doing wrong things from time to time. People are that way. I guess what I meant to say was it’s not a good thing to be full of grudges. Does that make more sense? Like, grudges come from emotional factors and it’s best to let go than to hold on. That’s a healthy way to think, Jen. Hope it can stay that way for you.

Oh really? What all happened during your Christmas to make it not the best? Haha. That just they way I am; I guess. Lucky for you, eh?

That’s fine, Jen! I appreciate the apology, but I understand and hope I’m not being a source of stress with these messages. ^^;

Jan 31, 17 at 6:52pm
no_life_neet left a comment for jenjenjennn

respectable taste in anime.

Jan 17, 17 at 4:32am


Jan 11, 17 at 9:23pm
XVX Otaku left a comment for jenjenjennn

N’aw. Thanks. But you know it takes a nice person to know a nice person. ^^ Hm. I wouldn’t mind that at all. Any remedies come to mind for nursing? Also, sorry for my late reply. Work schedules shifted a lot because of a few things. So, double the fun. haha

Nah, it’s not confusing. But thanks for taking time to do this while you are all sleepy. Hope it isn’t cutting into your sleeping time too much… Damn. That sounds like that university could use a bit of restructuring or something. Which university is it? Sorry if you already told me and I forgot. ^^; Oh… I’m sorry to hear that. I used to work in attics and roofs and stuff, so I know how rough high heat can be. Is the A/C set on a thermostat in the shaft you are working in? If so, what’s the temp set on. Sometimes if you set the temp too low, it’ll freeze up and lock out. Well, if you ever want to appreciate this janitor, stop on by. haha But I’m glad to hear you hold janitors in some regard. How the heck do the parents control the school? Like, how does that work out? Damn, you were totally dropped into college unprepared from high school, but totally just put a positive spin on it. Thumbs up to you, my lady. Indeed, that is how you use that expression. And even if you are making a fool of yourself right now; I’m digging it. Wait, does that mean I’m making a fool out of myself too? Either way, I like this feeling. And you are indeed charming. ;) Oh really now? So even the cutest of people have a cuter side!? I don’t know if I can contain myself around you. It would be my pleasure to wrap you up and flip the display on. But say, do you stream, download, or what for your anime?

I’m not sure if I would cosplay (publicly) either. Or at least not doing cosplay solo. Like, if someone else was going to be doing with me, then I probably would. But yeah, I like looking mainly. So, by “watching” cosplayers you just mean going to a pool and staring at people then? XP Ah, I totally feel you there. Memorizing things is really hard. I’m pretty bad with people’s names too. How about you? And yeah, blood isn’t a very pleasing thing in the least. Noted. If I am ever bleeding, I’ll hide it from you. Nice! I hope you can keep sleeping trouble free. Oh! Say now. That’s a very nice compliment. Um. It wasn’t for two years straight, but it was for five months? Then off and on since then.

That means a lot, Jen. It’s different to hear that I’d be supported. Different, but very nice. But I think it went fine. I’m not 100% because he’s the type that can hold a grudge silently for years. haha? Well, I think you are intelligent. So there! But sounds like your parents gave you a good combo of influences to build off of. Do you ever think that all that “pain” to them you were just made the healing all the better? Or do you sometimes regret it?

Oh wow. So you pretty much have to keep your glasses on until you turn out the lights. Or does it still mess with you even in the dark? Oh, okay. I’m back up to speed with you. Does that mean you have to do lab without eye protection!? Sure thing. Do you want me to PM you my email or how do you want to do it? If you are still you, you’ll be cute. That’s bullshit. That ogre-caller must of just been out to be mean. Or blind. IDK. You’d die? Oh, I get you. Not on your computer or phone. Just on all those flash drives, right? jk I’d have to see the material before saying if it were a pretty sight or not. XP Right. You just have 1GB of digital storage and not a bookshelf full of of DVD’s. Got’cha.

Oh trust me. I am always looking forward to your messages. And I’m real sorry about how long this one took. I know how you must feel about the later replies now. ^^;

He what? That’s kinda creepy. Which comment did he copy? Thanks! Sorry to be wishing you a happy new year so late, but gotta return the favor, and I couldn’t be there at midnight. XP But yeah, I had a good Christmas. How was yours? Oh! It flurried a little today and it made me think of you. And I will be in yours. Here’s to 2017.

Jan 05, 17 at 6:08pm
eden left a comment for jenjenjennn

this guy is a fake he addet me and wanted that i send him and his friends nudes
he don even look like this guy
watch out

Dec 31, 16 at 12:15am
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