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good and u

about 8 hours ago

thank you^^ and haha seems pretty legit

Jan 13, 18 at 10:37am

Heyo all, sorry about hiding away for the past couple of months, had my hands full with work x3...

But now i'm free!!!

Jan 13, 18 at 7:52am
sab left a comment for becker_grimstone

Big Tolkien fan!!! Do you play Lord of the Rings Online ?
I stopped playing a few years ago when guild folded and had to switch servers. I write and did a lot of fan fiction based on the online game

Dec 12, 17 at 9:50am

no problem! and thanks for accepting it nya!!

Nov 27, 17 at 11:11am

Hi there! I’d love to join your RP, but my knowledge of LOTR is severely limited orz. Would you be okay with casual roleplayers (like myself?)

Nov 26, 17 at 12:31pm
42 left a comment for becker_grimstone

Hello nice to meet you becker_grimstone thanks for the add.^^

Nov 23, 17 at 8:01pm

Sorry to all that i've disappeared for like.. 2/3 months, had my hands full with moving house and I just wasn't in the right mindset xD

Nov 20, 17 at 2:16pm
Bitterella left a comment for becker_grimstone

She finally ate as soon as the caretaker left. Crackling sounds of the fireplace fills the room while the storm still surge outside. That incident earlier, was it just a coincidence? That poor wolf was still lying there, burnt and unmoving. It must be, the destiny of a white witch is to bring demise to everything or everyone she encounters. The soup that the caretaker gave her was delicious, it made her not to cry and remember what happened to the last person who's been kind to her. She finished the meal and just left it on a nearby table. Bitterella didn't take the key, she just lay down on the floor near the fireplace and watch the flames dance. "I'm not a bad person, but why is this happening to me? To anyone I meet? If anything happens, I just hope they will forgive me." She closes her eyes and enter into deep sleep.

"Where is she?! Where's that damn witch who killed my son?!" An angry mob follows the mad voice of a mother who lost his son after meeting with her. Bitterella runs as fast as she could, "It's not my fault! It's not my fault! I just gave him a berry that will make him feel better!" The young lad though, after eating the berry became unconcious for weeks and it peeked the anger of the mother thinking Bitterella killed her son. "I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL KILL YOU! WHEN I FIND YOU, I'LL DEFINITELY KILL YOU! BRING BACK MY SON! YOU WITCH!" "Huh? She's a witch?" "How come? She's nice and all but she's a witch huh?" The mother's voice and the townsfolk's voices haunts her. Her trust? Broken. The only person she told about her real self is the young lad she loved and who she had given a berry to. "Promise me, don't tell anyone I'm a witch" Her dark orbs looks deeply into the young lad's blue eyes. "I promise"

She break a sweat after realizing it was just a dream. A dream she wished she never would have waken from. If she just disappeared, everything will be as it is as before. Or maybe it won't? She sat down and noticed the storm already stopped. She looked for the caretaker but he is nowhere to be found. She sighs as if she's debating whether to wait on him or not. "If I stayed, they'll surely find me and this house. I should not cause trouble more than I have already done." It's decided, she left with no further a do. She walked her way out, her feet feeling numb from her wounds, she still continued. Outside the mansion, the grass are still wet from the storm. Daylight is near and she sees the skies getting clearer. Bitterella looked back. Her copper colored hair follows as she bowed to the mansion. "Thank you for taking care of me, I hope I could grant the gratitude in the future" She wants to convey this to the caretaker, but the risk of her getting caught is high and she doesn't want to trouble him more. She took another step away, will this be the last time she'll see this mansion?

//I also had fun (o^^o)♪ thanks for roleplaying with me, I hope I didn't bore you to death lol If we left for a very loooooong time, we'll just continue where we left off okie? Sore ja, mata nee~

Jul 30, 17 at 12:01pm
Bitterella left a comment for becker_grimstone

She looked at the caretaker and on to the food. She's hungry indeed, after the long walks she had and running from her past her stomach grumbles and she felt salivating a little but she composed herself again and calmly said. "I... am Bitterella. I ran away from home because..." She stopped, she shouldn't say it or she'll be forced to leave this place in no time. "I was accused of something I didn't do." She said the half-truth, looking sternly at the caretaker still figuring out what he looks like. "I hope my trespassing would not cause trouble to you or the baron. Like I said earlier, I'll leave as soon as the storm calms." She looked outside, the storm still rages and wolves are still outside. What are they waiting for? A scrumptous lady for dinner. "I don't mean to be rude, but can I dig in now?" Bitterella really wants to eat. She haven't eaten anything in days but nuts and mushroom she finds on the ground.

Jul 30, 17 at 9:36am
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