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John James left a comment for auntron_
John James
This account has been suspended.
Jun 14, 17 at 4:57am
Raxin left a comment for auntron_

xD that is exactly how it's going down. Thanks for the add o/

May 30, 17 at 2:24am
beloved_micha left a comment for auntron_

Thanks for the add auntron_ :)

May 27, 17 at 3:02am

Hey to my 50 friends (^^), thanks for accepting my friend request. Some of you have gotten offline and others have moved on, but I would like to extend my gratitude to those who I have interacted with and shared laughs with. You are all important to me and very interesting people :D. Hope everyone is having fun and living their life to the fullest.
Lastly I'm always here for you guys too, so if you need advice, someone to talk to, or just any recommendations feel free to message me; that's what friends are for (^^)b!
Have yourselves a good night, day or evening XD, and thanks again for being such awesome people :).

Aug 16, 16 at 2:37am
≧ ManamI ≦ left a comment for auntron_
≧ ManamI ≦

Well, it'll going to open soon, I think. :/ I'm not good at battle much, I only raised the pokemons I like. Lol

Jul 23, 16 at 10:46am
≧ ManamI ≦ left a comment for auntron_
≧ ManamI ≦

Hah I'm doing Omega Ruby, while PokémonGO still isn't available in my country yet. ^~^

Jul 23, 16 at 10:35am
≧ ManamI ≦ left a comment for auntron_
≧ ManamI ≦

Hello, Thank for request. ^^

Jul 23, 16 at 2:40am
Sunbae left a comment for auntron_

Hello and thank you for the friend request! How can I help you today?

Jul 07, 16 at 12:37pm
melonmilkytea left a comment for auntron_

Hey no problem c: and thank you ^-^

Aug 24, 15 at 11:48am
queen_of_cats left a comment for auntron_

I get asked that too. It's not such a bad thing though. I heard same thing which is a little upsetting but lets hope they will surprise us:D
No problem, I will keep that i mind ^-^

Aug 21, 15 at 12:26am
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