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ana banana

17 year old Female
Last online about 3 hours ago
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Sanfi left a comment for ana banana

Thanks for the friend request ^^
Are you and Master Neko actually a couple?
Well, the two of you might be really cute together ^-^
Good for you! :D

Jan 06, 17 at 11:03am

I love chu Anana

Jan 04, 17 at 1:58am

I'm posting this here to let all you jerks know that I am Ana's boyfriend. She is already taken and yet you keep hitting on her.

I am sick and tired of people abusing the female members of MO in their DMs.
Whilst most of you are nice and caring unfortunately their are some real assholes here. You know if I'm talking to you.
I've read your messages you sent to her, and the reason you are alone is because you have NO respect for women. They are not toys, they are actual human beings and your words hurt them.
If you dont change your attitude then you will never find love, and you wont deserve to find love.

Dec 31, 16 at 3:41pm
Charles_the_Red Preach it!
Charles_the_Red Might as well post the names of these assholes
Eliza Chaan~! yay~!! new couple reborned~!! uuum i hope i'm not on the list o-O
Master Neko Senpai Sama Beeb a couple since September, it that new in your books? 0.o

umm not really to be honest haha
just quality time with family ^^

Dec 31, 16 at 2:47pm
Daggerfella left a comment for ana banana

Dec 30, 16 at 10:11pm
Shadower left a comment for ana banana

Thanks for the add! *Scratches head* You made that thread on long distance right?

Dec 29, 16 at 10:09am

Oh cool. That sounds fun. I either game with my friends on New Years or toast to the New Years with my mom and watch the specials on tv.

Dec 29, 16 at 1:51am

Thanks so much. It went great. I got this wonderful Ralph Lauren collection and some other nice gifts. Ate dinner with family and went to work. How about you?

Dec 28, 16 at 12:49pm
รץภ left a comment for ana banana

Belated Merry Christmas.

You'll have to wait till the day arrives. >:] Yaoi Christmas songs are beautiful. I don't really think my voice is that good.

Dec 28, 16 at 3:59am

Thank you :)
hope it went well for you
and it went well for me, just spending time with my family ^^

Dec 27, 16 at 10:50pm
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