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Dream Daddy Tho


@Lilika Dude Mat is BBBAAEEEEEEEEE, sadly haven't scored an S dating rank yet ( ; o ; )

I like the random mini games sprinkled into this, I mean if you told me a month ago that I would have to block penguins from escaping a zoo to get into a hot dad's pants, I'd think you're crazy and that even if it was true, I would never go through that effort, or even bribe a child xD

Jul 24, 17 at 2:18am
Mary commented on Dream Daddy Tho

When your dream daddy friendzones you :c *sobs*
Now i know how that feels

Jul 24, 17 at 2:57am

so, anyone actually sleep with robert? lmfao

ohhhhh nooo! i haven't been friendzoned yet...but i feel it coming

i got an A with craig on the first date

Jul 24, 17 at 6:43am

@SailorGhoul I actually accidentally slept in instead of going to the bar, so I never even got the option, I didn't even know there was an option to meet him before the barbecue until I watched Markilper play the game xD

Jul 25, 17 at 3:26am

@BloodyMary wait, who friendzoned ya?!

Jul 25, 17 at 3:27am

seriously?? :O whoa haha

Jul 25, 17 at 8:08am

@sailorghoul Yea LOL because I was all thinking ew as if I'd go watch sports, who would of known pretending to watch sports could of lead to me getting some of the sweet robert's ass

Jul 25, 17 at 8:37am
Mary commented on Dream Daddy Tho

Yeah, i got friendzoned by Damien in the end of the game Dx

Good luck gals
Hope ya dont get friendzoned QwQ

Jul 25, 17 at 9:11am

I seriously love reading this thread xD

Jul 25, 17 at 11:07am

i keep trying to play the game as ME, but that proves to be stupid as hell xD i can't get laid being myself lmfao

Jul 25, 17 at 4:19pm
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