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Anyone playing Final Fantasy 14?

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I'm forever a lala.

@Tamiko the free trial lets you level to 30 and it has no time limit now, you should check it out.

Jul 12, 17 at 9:38pm

I play on Zalera trying to keep the story flowing and reach level 70

Jul 13, 17 at 6:10am

Awesome shots!

Jul 14, 17 at 12:25am

does anyone recognize the two cosplays?

patchouli and link

Jul 14, 17 at 1:11am

Jul 14, 17 at 1:58am

From Au ra to Lalafell, dont know, just love being small xD

Jul 14, 17 at 2:00am

Hey everyone I play on the Zodiark server and do have another character on the omega server as still very new to game though :3 hit me up if you wanna form a party for dungeons or anything ^^

Jul 14, 17 at 4:55am
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