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Legend of Zelda anyone?

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Majora's mask was my favorite, it also my zelda first one I 100%

Mar 01, 17 at 6:54am

Big time fan here. Ocarina of Tine has to be my favorite, but I love almost all of them. Super excited about picking up Breath of the Wild on Friday.

Mar 01, 17 at 12:08pm

I have only played twilight princess, wind waker & majora's mask.

May 09, 17 at 6:48pm

If you have played Link to the past, Link between works is basically the same game with just a few new features. I love Link to the past and that is my all time favorite zelda game.

May 14, 17 at 3:29pm
Dachinko commented on Legend of Zelda anyone?

Zelda on the old Nintendo wrist watch & game! I miss that old watch!

May 14, 17 at 4:38pm

My favorite LoZ game is Ocarina of Time, I loved Ganondorf but my favorite character might actually be Navi. ~ducks under the table for the Navi hate~

Jul 09, 17 at 11:57pm

I've been loving BotW lately. About 15 shrines to go, but like 750 korok seeds to find lol.

Jul 12, 17 at 10:08am

Ocarina 3D is the only game I've beaten. Played Minish and Tracks, but fuck tracks imo. Don't like ds mics. Great series tho

Jul 27, 17 at 12:27am


Word of advice, avoid Phantom Hourglass if you hate Spirit Tracks. But do check out Link Between Worlds and Majora's Mask. The jury's out on Triforce Heroes. Fun when you have friends, but if you don't...well...

Jul 27, 17 at 12:45am
FireCat27 commented on Legend of Zelda anyone?

He'll Yeah! Link is my man! ;D lol, but those games are amazing!! ^.^

Jul 28, 17 at 10:47pm
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