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Fire Emblem

≧ ManamI ≦ commented on Fire Emblem
≧ ManamI ≦

Got Takumi and Leon after several tried. This games gacha rate is godtier.

Feb 07, 17 at 3:55am

I just recently played Awakening, and easily one of my favorites in the series. I have to agree with endless_dimond1, the aesthetic and music was amazing. I know a lot of people were upset about the lack of permadeath in the new games, but you can toggle it on or off, and it makes the games easier for new players, thus broadening the series' audience. To think that Awakening could have been the last one!

Feb 07, 17 at 10:40am
Jmac525 commented on Fire Emblem

I've played ever Fire Emblem since 7 for the GBA except for Radiant Dawn because of its price. I love the direction the 3ds games have gone, especially Fates.

Feb 07, 17 at 10:42am

Right, I haven't played Birthright/Fates yet or the new mobile game, but Awakening was supposed to be the last one, and at the last moment they revived the series!

Feb 07, 17 at 4:23pm
Tsuna commented on Fire Emblem

Never played any fire emblem, but I've heard good reviews about it.
So I'll probably try it at some point

Feb 07, 17 at 5:08pm

I wish, apparently it doesn't like any of my devices.

Feb 07, 17 at 5:36pm
Vamxlight commented on Fire Emblem

Sacred Stones was my personal favorite. Also played Binding Blade,the one just called Fire Emblem on the GBA (6 I think?), Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, and Awakening. I don't care for Fates due to some of the character designs/choices and feels like too much of a fan service game.

Feb 08, 17 at 6:01am
Zehfyr commented on Fire Emblem

Team Conquest

Jun 17, 17 at 4:31pm

I started with radiant dawn and kept going from there, great game.

Jun 19, 17 at 10:05am

Team birthright

Jun 19, 17 at 10:06am
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