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I'm looking for PS4 friends

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Jan 11, 17 at 8:53pm

IchigoShirayuki I play Borderlands, SAO, and Overwatch. I am getting WD2 soon as well

Jan 14, 17 at 11:08am
kaizu™ commented on I'm looking for PS4 friends

OVERWATCH!! :D I also have SAO Hallow Realization but I've only played like 3 hrs lol. Storm 4 I'm pretty into competitive sometimes. I'm also pretty big on Smite and sometimes ARK atm...occasionally ESO and Destiny. PSN: SEALEDKYUUBI feel free to add me!

Jan 14, 17 at 10:36pm

Ayyy I just got overwatch! :3 my psn is a_fine_mess

Jan 15, 17 at 3:36am
Many-titled Neko commented on I'm looking for PS4 friends
Many-titled Neko
This account has been suspended.
Jan 15, 17 at 3:50am


Jan 15, 17 at 4:37am

My PSN is x2Pillow. I dnt mind if MO people add me just lemme know who ya are though xD
I have overwatch (dnt play anymore but may start back up) and diablo3 as my only mmo games.
Was just scrolling through psn store though and saw an interesting game called "Alienation" which i'm more than likely gnna get after a little bit more research on it (looks great so far)

Jan 17, 17 at 12:25am

ChickenNugget369 is my ps4 add me lol

Jan 21, 17 at 3:35pm

Warframe is my primary game on ps4

Jan 21, 17 at 3:36pm

I play overwatch and battlefield 1. I have Naruto UNS4. I am planning on getting SAO and J stars. Here is my id if you guys and girls want to add me: Afro_Shadow18.

Feb 17, 17 at 1:46pm
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