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Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn

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Oct 31, 16 at 7:47am

I was on Zalera Dx server felt pretty dead and the updates had such a pattern that I thought it was time I quit

Oct 31, 16 at 7:48am

I finally got my Bard set. And hit level 50. Just need the Bard weapon....

Oct 31, 16 at 10:18pm


Oct 31, 16 at 10:25pm

I've been thinking about making an alt on another server, anyone have any recommendations?

Oct 31, 16 at 11:01pm

Oh? I'll have to check. The only other option that came to mind was to jump from all the major NA servers after a certain point to get an idea of how they are.

Nov 01, 16 at 4:07am

I just started and I really like the game :) I'll post a picture of my character, Medorijewel

Jan 17, 17 at 11:56pm

I run a Free Company on the Adamantoise. Been playing since October 2014. I use a mixture between a controller and keyboard due to cerebral palsy. I main NIN at the moment but am switching back to BRD until Stormblood. Took nearly a year break so still gearing. If you're ever in Adamantoise come say hi! Also recuiting for Rocket Peace, me and my friend's free company. :D

Feb 07, 17 at 9:01pm

Ayyyy anyone in Behemoth?

Feb 07, 17 at 9:39pm
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